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Mechanical seal manufacturer share change matters needing attention

by:Lepu Seal     2021-01-16
Mechanical seal manufacturer share change considerations - 2019 5 - 29 of the mechanical seal parts damaged or aging would happen sometimes, at this time will need to be replaced, so what's the matters needing attention in the process of change? The mechanical seal manufacturer as you say. 1, when removing mechanical seal, it is forbidden to use hammer and flat, so as not to damage the sealing element. 2, if on both ends of the pump has a mechanical seal, it must be careful in the process of disassembly, prevent attend. 3, to work for the mechanical seal, if the loose gland seal face when moving, it should be replaced of dynamic and static ring parts and should not be to tighten the continue to use again. Because after the loose, friction pair originally running track changes, contact sealing is easily damaged. Above is the matters of attention in the mechanical seal in the replacement. More mechanical seal manufacturer information click:
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