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Mechanical seal manufacturer maintenance methods and what are the precautions for mechanical seal?

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-19
Mechanical seal manufacturer maintenance methods and what are the precautions for mechanical seal? 2018 - 7 - 16 due to the use of mechanical seal is messy, and environment and sealing structure is relatively cumbersome, and mechanical seal seal degree is easy damaged, so the maintenance and repair mechanical seal is very important. Note 1 a, mechanical seal apart. Mechanical seal device and disassemble pump with mechanical seal order, is the opposite. 2. In the process of demolition of the mechanical seal must be careful, can't use, with flat hammer, tapping machine, can't can't damage the machine moving and static ring sealing surface. 3. If because of the greasy dirt and grime is too much, can't open it, must first clear kettle with kerosene and washing clean with mechanical seal back to open it, insist on machine sealing the parts intact. Second, the requirement of the mechanical seal repair process and 1. Break off the plane after sealing, first to see organic sealing device of the pump body, to reach the following requirements: ( 1) Shaft bending biggest 0 or less. 5 mm, axial momentum 0 or less. 05mm; ( 2) Ring sealing ring in beating 0 or less. 1毫米; ( 3) Device machine sealing parts of the shaft or sleeve surface roughness is 1. 6 microns, and static ring sealing surface roughness is 3 touch appearance. 2μm; Second, the maintenance and repair mechanical seal: ( 1) Check the mechanical seal components. Each component must be completely, nondestructive, dynamic and static ring sealing look no scratch and bruise on faults, if found to have damaged, modification or from scratch to replace machine sealing; ( 2) See the spring elasticity is small, if has shrunk from scratch to replace spring is required; ( 3) Check the sealing body wall, sealing end cover inside appearance without damage, if discover the problem timely repair. Three, mechanical seal device preparation operation and matters needing attention, after the completion of maintenance requirements from scratch device machine, it is necessary to prepare before the device operation: 1. If replace new seal, please check the mechanical seal type, standard is correct, whether agree with the standard quality; 2. Static ring tail anti-rotating groove end and stop pin at the top of the should stick to 1 mm 2 mm axial gap and avoid buffer failure; 3. Dynamic and static ring end face wash clean with alcohol, and other metal parts wash and clean compressed air to blow dry with gasoline, carefully check the heart service to ensure that the dynamic and static ring sealing surface without any damage. Device, two '0' shape rubber seal should be coated with a layer of smooth ointment, dynamic and static ring end face no oil. Four, mechanical seal device order and matters needing attention of 1. In relative position of the rotor and the pump body is fixed, to determine the mechanical seal device orientation, based on the sealing device dimensions and static ring bearing in the gland, measure the seal on the shaft or sleeve positioning scale; 2. After device machine sealing ring, ring device shall ensure that its sensitivity on the shaft to move; 3. Will the assembled static ring and ring assembled; 4. The sealing end cover is installed in the seal, and the screw. More mechanical seal manufacturer information click:
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