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Mechanical seal manufacturer for your detailed introduction of the mechanical seal installation process!

by:Lepu Seal     2021-01-17
Mechanical seal manufacturer for your detailed introduction of the mechanical seal installation process! 2018 - 6 - 27 today mechanical seal mechanical seal manufacturer to introduce you to the installation and the matters needing attention of the whole process! A, 1, check the mechanical seal installation for installation of mechanical seal type, specification is correct. 2, check the host that is associated with the installation of the mechanical seal parts size accuracy and geometric accuracy and whether the relationship between the kettle with mechanical seal in accordance with technical requirements. Basically has the following several aspects: ( 1) Installation of mechanical seal parts of the shaft ( Or collar) Slurry pump mechanical seal of radial runout tolerance, axis ( Or collar) The surface roughness and diameter size tolerance. ( 2) Seal chamber and gland of non-standard mechanical seal with a shaft positioning end facing ( Or collar) The center line of the vertical degree of tolerance. ( 3) Install the ring seal shaft ( Or collar) The end, the installation of mechanical seal shell hole end chamfering of structure and finish. ( 4) Mechanical seal of rotor axial displacement at work. 3, in the process of the installation of mechanical seal, should maintain clean, tapping sealing element, and are not allowed to use tools to prevent injuries and damage. 4, when installation, dynamic and static ring surface should be coated with a layer of clean oil and turbine oil. Auxiliary seal ring ( Including ring sealing ring and static ring sealing ring) Before installation should also apply a layer of clean oil or turbine oil, to ensure the installation smoothly. 5, the static ring seal trap after static ring back, in sealed inside the end cover, should pay attention to not hurt the static ring end face, to ensure the static ring end face perpendicular to the center line of the end cover, and pay attention to the static ring back anti-rotating slot to stop pin, but can't contact. 6, the mechanical seal rotating part, rely on the spring seat of two fixed screw on the shaft, tighten the set screw, to ensure the working length of spring. Second, the use of mechanical seal 1, host, before starting to check the attached mechanical seal device, cooling and lubrication system is perfect. 2, pipe should be cleaned before starting materials to prevent rust impurities into the sealed cavity. 3, with the hand disc coupling, check whether shaft rotate easily, if the dish is very heavy, need to check the installation dimensions are correct. 4, normal before driving, need a static pressure test, check the mechanical seal face, sealing ring and the sealing effect of sealing end cover, if any problem, check to solve them one by one. 5, the host before starting, we should keep the sealed cavity filled with fluid or sealed by the media, have separate seal system shall be starting, such as cooling water system should also come into circulation. 6, normal before use, first to atmospheric pressure, observe whether the rise of temperature of the sealing parts is normal, ever leak phenomenon. If there is a slight leakage, can run one period of time, the transverse joint more evenly, until leakage was gradually reduced to normal. Such as running 1 - In 3 hours, still don't reduce leakage, need to stop it for checking. 7, working condition of normal operation, the booster heating can slowly, respectively, and pay attention to the temperature rise of end face and the leakage situation, if everything is normal, that can be used in production. When parking, should first stop host, then stop the cooling lubrication system. Click more mechanical seal manufacturers information: /
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