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Mechanical seal leak problem

by:Lepu Seal     2022-08-08

The characteristics of mechanical seals are that they can be used for various equipment, especially equipment such as reactors and pumps. Because such equipment has high sealing requirements and cannot enter impurities, it is used more. The problem of water leakage is really worrying. Water leakage causes the sealing effect of the seal to deteriorate. This is something that many people shy away from. The following five tricks can help you easily solve the problem of leaking seals:
1. Reason
1. The equipment is too tight. Check the dynamic ring plane of the mechanical seal. If there is serious burnt appearance, black plane and deep marks, the mechanical seal rubber of the pump becomes hard and loses elasticity. This appearance is caused by the over-tightening of the equipment.
2. The equipment is too loose. Check the planes of the dynamic and static rings of the machine seal. There is a thin layer of scale on the surface, which can be wiped off, and the surface is basically free of wear. This is caused by the loss of elasticity of the spring and the poor equipment, or the axial movement of the motor.
3. Poor water quality. Due to poor water quality, the cartridge-type mechanical seal is rich in small particles and the content of hydrochloride in the medium is high, and the plane or strained surface of the abrasive wear mechanical seal has the appearance of grooves and ring grooves.
4. Dry grinding damage caused by water shortage. This phenomenon is more common in the negative pressure at the inlet of the bottom valve type equipment, there is air in the water inlet pipe, and there is air in the pump cavity. After the pump is turned on, the friction of the mechanical seal produces high temperature during high-speed operation and cannot be cooled. Check the mechanical seal and the spring tension is normal. , the contact surface is scorched and blackened, and the rubber hardens and cracks.
5. Cavitation. Cavitation mainly occurs in hot water pumps. Since the medium is hot water and the water temperature is too high, steam is generated, and the steam in the pipeline enters the high part of the pump cavity. This part of the steam cannot be cleaned, and then it constitutes a water shortage operation, the dry grinding of the machine seal fails, and the cavitation device automatically discharges. Air valve, switch.
Second, the solution
1. Disposal method: Adjust the height of the equipment. After the impeller is installed, pull the spring with a screwdriver. The spring has a strong tension.
2. Adjust the height of the mechanical seal and the return spring.
3. Improve water pressure or medium, switch seal.
4. Drain the air in the duct and the pump cavity, and exchange the mechanical seal.
5. Do not use hot water as much as possible.
Leakage of mechanical seals is not a trivial matter, and it will lead to failure if it is not done well. Therefore, if you encounter this problem, you must find the cause in time. Don't litter. There is also the use of seals under the right conditions. And keep the water clean.
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