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Mechanical seal is easy to leak

by:Lepu Seal     2021-01-07
Mechanical seal 2020 - easy to leak 11 - 26 mechanical seal is the key effect of sealing, but there are many factors can affect the effect of mechanical seal, then what factors? Below small make up to introduce the external factors affecting the effects of mechanical seal. 1. Big big vibration of mechanical seal vibration, eventually lead to loss of sealing effect. But the cause of mechanical seal big vibration is often not the reason of mechanical seal itself, the other parts of the pump is the source of vibration, such as the unreasonable design of pump shaft, processing, bearing precision is not enough, the cause of poor coupling parallel degree, such as large radial force. 2. Machining precision machining precision is not enough, there are many reasons, have a plenty of the machining precision of the mechanical seal itself is not enough, the reasons to cause the attention of people, also easy to find. But sometimes other pump parts machining accuracy is not enough, the reasons, it is not easy to cause people's attention. For example: the pump shaft, shaft sleeve, pump body and increase the precision of the sealed cavity is not enough. The presence of these reason of mechanical seal sealing effect is very bad. 3. No auxiliary flushing system or auxiliary flushing system setup is not reasonable mechanical seal auxiliary flushing of the system is very important. Mechanical seal auxiliary flushing of the system can effectively protect the sealing surface, cooling, lubrication, wash away the groceries, etc. Sometimes designers not reasonably auxiliary flushing system configuration, can not meet the sealing effect; Sometimes although designers to design the auxiliary system, but because there are impurities in the flushing fluid, washing fluid flow, pressure is not enough, rinse mouth position design is not reasonable, also can not meet the sealing effect. 4. Axial channeling large amount of mechanical seal of pump shaft sealing surface have certain pressure, so as to play a role of sealing, which requires the mechanical seal to have a certain amount of compression of the spring, a mechanical seal face to thrust, spin to seal the required pressure sealing surface. In order to ensure that a specific pressure, mechanical seal of pump shaft are requested not to have the too big volume, mechanical seal in use process is not able to bear axial force, if there is axial force, the impact on the mechanical seal is serious. Sometimes because of the pump axial force balance mechanism design is not reasonable and manufacture, installation, use and other reasons, caused by axial force are not balanced. Mechanical seal under an axial force, gland when working temperature will be on the high side, for polypropylene class medium, will be fused in high temperature, so the pump starts soon lose seal, pump static seals gaps spray leakage phenomenon. The above is the external factors affecting the effects of mechanical seal.
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