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Mechanical seal installation and use

by:Lepu Seal     2020-04-05
( 1) Radial run-out tolerance when installation: 0. 04 ~ 0. 6 mm, rotor axial channeling 0. 3 mm, the surface of the run-out tolerance of 0. 04 ~ 0. 06MM。 Radial runout tolerance, roundness and shaft mechanical seal shaft or sleeve some point relative to the baseline deviation on here. Rotor axial moving, shaft work in tiny moving along the axis of the inevitable run-out tolerance: on the surface of the cavity and sealing end cover junction on the surface of shaft run-out tolerance ( 2) Confirm whether component models are consistent, parts complete, pay attention to the axis of handedness. ( 3) Installation steps: confirm the installation size, installation of mechanical seal parts of lubrication, load transmission components. ( 4) Pay attention to when using impurity particles, pay attention to whether the torque is too large, pay attention to the direction, will first medium before operation, cooling water valve open, abnormal noise and overheating. Seal operation pressure should be sealed interior of sealing medium pressure. Due to mechanical sealing medium pressure and indoor seal is not equal to the operation of the pump pressure, sometimes sealed operation pressure is higher than, equal to or below the pump pressure, so according to the tectonic pattern of pump in detail and conditions concluded that pressure sealing homework. Single-stage cantilever pump, for example, have to ponder on the impeller balance hole or back blade, according to different level multistage pump placed to determine operating pressure of the shaft sealing system. Usually in the practice of the mechanical seal, homework mechanical seal pressure is higher than 3 mpa as high pressure mechanical seal, and demand balanced type seal, beyond 15 mpa available multistage sealing and step-down step by step. About beyond 1 mpa pressure sealing should be thinking about eliminate the force deformation tectonic pattern ( Like many end face seal, etc. ) 。
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