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Mechanical Seal Incorporating a Pusher Ring For Safe

by:Lepu Seal     2019-10-30
An improved mechanical seal that uses a push ring to fix the whole part of the seal together, rather than a typical fixed ring and snap ring aligned and compressed the press cover plate.The improvements include a push ring that is fixed on the seal body gland surface with cap screws, retaining the press cover for safe repair and assembly.The mechanical seal provides a hydraulic seal between the rotatable element (usually the fixed housing of the shaft and the equipment.
This seal is associated with a fluid pump with an axis extending through the shell wall of the pump, handling fluids of different viscosity.The lower the viscosity of the fluid being treated, the tighter the seal required in the pump design.While these seals are most commonly used on pump equipment, mechanical seals are also used in other fluid handling equipment.
Therefore, although the present invention is proposed in terms of the application of the pump, the present invention is not limited to it, but can be used in all such equipment with mechanical seals.The pump shaft is usually coupled with the motor through the motor shaft.The mechanical seal forms a seal between the pump shaft and the outer surface of the pump shell.
The mechanical seal for this application is commercially available and has a history of more than 25 years.Sealing is well known in art in its most common and basic form, including rotatable parts and fixed parts that come into contact on a relative sealing surface to form a seal.Rotatable components include shaft connection devices.
This device is usually a sleeve whose internal perimeter surface is securely installed on the outer perimeter surface of the shaft and connected to the shaft by means of a connecting device such as a fixing screw.The \"O\" ring usually provides a seal between the shaft and the sleeve.There is a rotatable weekly sealing element that is connected to the sleeve in order to rotate as the shaft and sleeve rotate.
The sleeve extends axial along the shaft.
Fixed parts include a gland that extends around the axis.The gland is attached to the surface of the shell around the shaft.There is usually a sealing gasket attached to the press cover, located between the press cover and the housing.
The press cover is attached to the base on the housing as a seal.The connection is usually done by bolts extending from the wall of the shell.The bolt passes through the slot or connection extension extending in the radial direction from the press cover, through the connection slot or the connection extension, and is fixed with the nut.
The fixed sealing element is located between the inner-week surface of the shaft-facing gland (I.e.The inner surface of the gland) and the shaft.The fixed seal is connected directly or indirectly to the fixed press cover.
As stated in the United States, there is a suitable methodS.Pat.Nos.The center distance of various fixed elements on the shaft is 4,832,351 and 4,989,882.Maintain a weekly pitch between the stationary element, shaft and various rotating elements.
Mechanical Seals also include rotatable and stationary parts.Rotatable parts are connected to each other with the Axis and rotate with the Axis.The fixed parts are connected to each other with the housing and do not rotate.
Rotatable parts and fixed parts are placed relative to each other so that the rotatable sealing surface is sealed to engage with the fixed sealing surface.This mechanical seal is particularly useful for forming a seal on a machine that has a rotating shaft and internal fluid (such as a fluid pump) that extends from this.e., Pumps with close tolerances, especially in applications where corrosive chemicals or flammable liquids need to be treated.
They are also widely used to contain radioactive liquids in nuclear reactor cooling systems.The typical mechanical seal is designed to leak less than 1-Pump 1% of the volume of liquid per unit of time.The existing mechanical seals can be traced back to the beginning of 1980.
They have existed for many years relative to this art.However, there are safety problems with some seals, because they usually use snap rings on the seals, and when installed or disassembled, they become projectiles that pose a threat to the mechanics.The original design uses a heavy-duty snap ring inside the gland to hold the overall part of the seal together.
This card ring was rated as more than 80,000.lbs.Axial thrust load.This is larger than the axial thrust load experienced by any pump on these seals, which is extreme for the snap rings applied to these seals.Therefore, when the card ring is removed, special pliers must be used, and there may be a risk of serious injury due to the threat of throwing due to the loaded spring.
The mechanical seal known in the art has at least one \"O\" ring associated with the sealing element, in most cases, acted by a spring.The spring forces this element to form a seal towards the opposite element.The \"O\" ring must form a seal that does not withstand axial movement, called \"dynamic-O\\\" ring.
In addition, the dynamic \"O\" ring is located in the \"O\" ring slot that may be blocked.Therefore, the spring must provide force so that the sealing elements gather together under sufficient pressure to form a seal while overcoming the power-O ring.It is best to eliminate the metal spring installed with the dynamic \"O\" ring, which is the existing meaning of the invention.
The invention retains all the favorable properties of the \"O\" ring, but does not have the disadvantages of the card ring and the fixed ring, creating a mechanism for the dangerous trend of the spring mechanism in the current art.In addition, the device connecting the mechanical seal to the housing is integrated into the structure of the fixed part.Mechanical seals are usually set in place and removed in a small space between the pump and the motor.
The method of connecting the seals takes up space, making it difficult to install and remove the mechanical seals.The design of the sealing element in a position where the shaft extends from the housing is more accessible is desirable and is also an attribute of the invention
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