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Mechanical seal device apart matters needing attention

by:Lepu Seal     2021-01-18
Mechanical seal device apart considerations - 2016 12 - 7 mechanical seal equipment quality request is very high, and apart is also a demand of mechanical seal is very attention. Why so say, read the following introduction, you will understand the difficulty of the meantime. Whether equipment is still open, should be strict in accordance with the request of, any mistake may cause system anomalies. So mechanical seal device apart note about what in the world, next to introduce for you. Mechanical seal device: 1, mechanical seal equipment necessary to clean environment, weeks mechanical seal without dust, dust, etc. , sealing surface also need to be clean; 2, generally gland device error not exceed 0. 5 mm, gland and the shaft or shaft coat mechanical shaft seal gap between error not exceed 0. 01 mm, otherwise will make the seal is not tight; 3, mechanical seal spring shrinkage of necessary rules fit equipment, beyond the lack of or can't appear, error request within 2 mm. If the spring is too long, will make the conflict increases wear formation, short form than low pressure makes the seal failure; 4, ring device can ensure the sensitive on the shaft to move after, will ring should be able to take the initiative to bounce back after pressure to the spring; 5, in the process of equipment prohibited touch attack, smite, avoid conflict mechanical seal damage and seal failure; 6, equipment in touch with the sealing surface should be coated with a layer of clean machine oil, so as to smooth equipment. Mechanical seal apart: 1, mechanical seals should careful when apart, not allowed to use bold means, such as hammer knock, so as to avoid being damaged packing element; 2, if there is dirt on the sealing device, should be in clean and maintenance later on to the next step apart; 3, mechanical seals, if be used together at the two ends of the pump body, is to take care of each other when apart and device; 4, mechanical seals, if have gland loose condition after the operation, to replace of dynamic and static ring parts as soon as possible, but cannot use tightening up from scratch, or you will change movement track, because of conflict that touch the seals were damaged. After face mechanical seal device apart considerations, we have a further understanding for mechanical seals. Can be seen from the above, equipment, and apart is needs very careful, there must be difficulties, it is necessary to stick to a small error.
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