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measurably better for water pumps. (wip).

by:Lepu Seal     2020-01-19
Company name: driving force of innovation economy [ICD; Toronto]
Subsidiary of Tesma International. El)
The challenges faced by the design, development and engineers of the pump are: The pump must be processed with high precision.
This is especially the case with bearing holes.
On a pump produced by ICD, the inner diameter of a hole is nominal size 47. 275 mm, [+ or -]0. 0125 mm.
A total of 10 features of a given pump must be measured.
Hong Wu, quality assurance manager for improvised explosive devices, believes that manual measurement is neither time consuming nor accurate.
The answer is: Vu and his team identified an electronic meter.
Two units of Edmunds gage [Farmington, CT]
Already in use in ICD.
The third unit is from Edmunds. It is a stand-alone, base-mounted semi-automatic unit.
The operator loads the pump and activates the fixture.
The automatic rotation device rotates the part 360 [degrees], The unit\'s [CAG. sup. QCM]
Readings of 10 features of interest are recorded for measurement.
The meter illuminates a light tree to indicate the state of the part.
Download the collected data to PE.
Gage runs 16 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week.
The good thing is: the productivity of these parts has quadrupled or even more.
It used to take two to three minutes of manual measurement;
Now it takes 30 seconds to use Edmunds gage.
In addition, our accuracy is much higher.
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