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Lepu Breathable o ring seal for business for water

Lepu Breathable o ring seal for business for water

Lepu Breathable o ring seal for business for water

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ceramic/carbon/silicon, viton/nbr/epdm
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Company Advantages
1. Lepu pump seal has been seriously tested. Its properties such as strength, ductility, and toughness are all verified by these tests. Compact gland allows Lepu seal to be used in limited space
2. The product is highly praised among clients due to the above advantages and is used widely in the market currently. During the operation, Lepu seals enjoy higher precision
3. o ring seal 's performance is in the leading position both inside and outside. Lepu products cost less than that of the original

Lepu Breathable o ring seal for business for water-1

O ring mechanical seal is a typical seal degisn with o ring type stationary seat. this oring mechanical seal is widely used in various kinds of industry pump.

o-ring mechanical seal 1527/1528 is popular using for KSB pump, working in many kinds of liquid, like water, oil, weak acid, and so on.

this o ring type mechanical seal include 2 type seals, one we cal 1527, another one is 1528,  1527 is unbalanced mechanical seal, and 1528 is a balanced mechanical seal,

lepu seal focus in manufacturing mechanical seal since 1998, and providing this mechanical seal 1527/1528 to many clients from different coutries. mechanical seal made by lepu seal means stable quality.



china standard mechanical seal repalced burgmann or john crane mechanical seal
SS304 or SS316 stainless steel for the seal frame and spring
multi material combinations according different working conditions 
Lepu seal: 20years experience in mechanical seal

Lepu Breathable o ring seal for business for water-2

Lepu Breathable o ring seal for business for water-3

Advantage introduction:competitive price+ fast delivery+top after-sale service



Lepu Breathable o ring seal for business for water-4
  • ◪ Sealing Face: Carbon, SIC, TC, Ceramic

  • ◪ Secondary Sealing Combination: NBR, EPDM, VITON

  • ◪ Sealing Frame: stainless steel

  • ◪ Working Temperature:-40℃ --- 180℃

  • ◪ Working pressure: ≤ 1.0MPA

  • ◪ Linear Speed:≤ 15m/s



Lepu Breathable o ring seal for business for water-5

Specification of mechanical seal LP1527

Lepu Breathable o ring seal for business for water-6



Working for water pump  like lowara flowserve, KSB pump.

Lepu Breathable o ring seal for business for water-7
Lepu Breathable o ring seal for business for water-8



Guangzhou Lepu machinery CO., LTD becomes one of the leading mechanical seal supplier in south of china, we focus in designing and manufacturing mechanical seal for many kinds of famous brand pumps, our mechanical seal cover many kinds of industry like food, petrol chemical, paper making, sea ship, and so on.

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Lepu Breathable o ring seal for business for water-11
Lepu Breathable o ring seal for business for water-12
Lepu Breathable o ring seal for business for water-13
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Lepu Breathable o ring seal for business for water-15

Company Features
1. There are a variety of o ring seal in Guangzhou Lepu Machinery CO., LTD to be chosen from. The factory is located in a place proximal to clients or vendors. The position advantage has significantly reduced travel or shipping expenses and enabled us to provide faster customer service.
2. We are home to a pool of R&D talents. They are blessed with strong expertise and abundant experience in creating unique product solutions for our clients, no matter in product development or upgrade.
3. Our company has well-trained employees. They know exactly what they need to do, and how they need to do it. They can be trusted to operate independently without making mistakes or slowing processes. Lepu Mechanical Seal serves customers, understand their needs, and strive to meet those needs. Please contact.
great for mason jars
That look great on my mason jars, but I'm not happy with the seals they don't work very well.
Perfect fit
I received this movie as a gift for Christmas, and I had no idea what to expect from it! It's not the type of movie that I would ordinarily purchase for myself, and I expected something unpleasantly campy. Oh, it's definitely campy! Becca is a spirited college freshman attending Barton University. Her father, a professor at the University, wants her to pursue her academics, but what she really wants is to be a DJ. Her heart isn't in her studies, and she's at odds with her father and the forced education. He pushes her to become more involved, and isn't happy when she takes a job working for the school's radio station. When this isn't enough to satisfy her father, and the school's all-woman a capella group approaches her to invite her to join, she auditions and joins the team. Unaccustomed to social relationships with other girls, Becca struggles with the leader of the group while navigating the muddy waters of forbidden romance. The movie is funny and it's fun, and the music that the a cappella groups produce is outstanding. If you enjoy adult humor, you'll love the banter from the announcers. This is the movie that proved that Anna Kendrick was so much more than Twilight. I loved just about everything about this movie and can make no complaints. I'm a fan of listening to the music because the actors are incredibly talented.
These movies (Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2) crack me up, and I'm not that big on comedies because I find that often the tone is not quite right for my sense of humor or is inconsistent throughout the movie. These movies strike just the right mix of music, silliness, slap-stick, and a TINY bit of crudeness for my taste. Can't wait for Pitch Perfect 3!
This is a really fun airsoft gun to play with! Me and my brother use these guns a lot and this one airsoft gun is the best so far. Personally I use as a secondary sometimes. But if you get this gun I suggest you get some extra shells. In conclusion this gun is awesome!
Cheap but works! Probably a few hundred miles on it!
My paint sprayer broke so I couldn’t use the oil
Seems to work just fine
"No Hero" is refreshingly self-effacing. This is the story of a SEAL who's afraid of heights and who doesn't like the water. His account of getting stuck and freaking out while rappelling high on a rock precipice is funny as hell. I'm sure I will always remember the advice he got from his ex-con instructor high up on that cliff -- about staying in a three-foot world -- and it already has come in handy. This book has a contemplative and fearlessly veracious writer at the helm. It opens not with SEAL team derring-do, but with two SEALs sitting in the dark on a backyard deck in Virginia Beach learning by text messages that a dozen of their SEAL buddies were just killed in Afghanistan. The names slowly trickle in on cell phones over the course of the night and a 12-pack. SEAL books tend to be rah-rah stories that depict mythic superheroes, caricatures with no human frailties (Dick Couch books come to mind, but I still read them). And most are written on a high school level. These authors say they're writing to inspire young men, so maybe their books are simplistic by design. But for this adult, the cool guns, exciting maneuvers and the well-known hell of SEAL training are entertaining but ultimately just a fast read with very little to think about. I don't expect SEALs to earn a Pulitzer along with their Silver Stars, but if I were their editor, I would ask them to dig deeper. Owen, on the other hand, goes beyond the firefights, and describes the aftermath -- the nightmare scenario of a cat licking a dead man's blood while a child looks on is just one scene among many of war's cascading horrors. This is a well-written book that stays with you long after you put it down. I very much appreciate that he showed black bars where the military censors redacted sentences, paragraphs and pages. Looks like they took out all references to DEVGRU. Why? I respect more than ever Owen's uncensored "No Easy Day." Who knows what the military would have taken out of that book. In my humble opinion, Owen is an American citizen first and seal second and he had a First Amendment right to give Americans the only written first-person account of this important event in history. And every American has the right to read an unexpurgated account of the capture of the country's No. 1 enemy, particularly after the muddled and differing versions given by the government. I thank Owen for having the courage to write "No Easy Day." I hope his lawyers have asked for support from the ACLU. Looks like Owen has a writing swim buddy in Kevin Maurer, a combat journalist. I just read Maurer's "Gentlemen Bastards: On the Ground in Afghanistan with America's Elite Special Forces," a fascinating description of their day-to-day frustrations. I'm still waiting for the SEAL book that shines a light on darker personal realities such as how SEALs deal with the pain of a constantly abused body. And how it feels to go home to a wife they've only seen for a few weeks scattered over years, a stranger they can't possibly know in any real sense. What about the abuse of alcohol and drugs? We only hear about it when two former SEALs OD in the Seychelles. Meanwhile, "No Hero" is great. Buy it. SEALs including Owen ARE heroes and I'm in awe that they do, at great personal costs, what the rest of us can't and won't do. Any book they write is welcome. We all need to know more about our country's longest war. I'm looking forward to reading more of Owen's books. Dig deep.
No Hero is a good follow-up to No Easy Day. Owen gives amazing firsr-hand accounts of other raids and deployments throughput Iraq and Afghanistan. I appreciate the accounts on certain raids where he participated with Delta and Rangers. His writing style makes it enjoyable reading, very articulate, humerus at times and allows you to experience what he and his team went through. The first chapter recalls the loss of members of ST6 when their help was shot dowN and the sense of loss in that community was well written Some problems with the book revolve around censorship. There are several pages that have been Redacted and that was very cumbersome. You can tell that they censored Delta Force, Neptune Spear and other training/actual missions. also Owens could've gone more into detail about the backlash he was receiving from other ST6/Seals from his first book. At the end of the book you get a sense of Owens feelings about retiring from The Navy and what that means. I can sense the loss that he felt and also the relief that comes with it. I can't imagine leaving a career that you worked so hard and sacrificed so much and to leave. Overall a good follow-up to No Easy Day.
I liked the first book better personally. This one is still entertaining and I read it in a little over a day. The Last Punisher, The Operator and Lions of Kandahar are pretty awesome.
I'm not a military guy but really enjoy reading about the hard work and determination of our SOF. 'No Hero' gives some brief excerpts from the narrators life that taught him valuable lessons. I try to take these and apply them to my everyday life. I would recommend everyone give this book (and any other that shows these SOF guy's shear desire to succeed) a chance. Good read, fast-paced.
The book brings to us the reality of what these fine and dedicated young men do to protect the our way of life in this the best country in the world. They are not recognized nor rewarded enough for their commitment which far exceeds any other occupation. I think everyone should read this account of what a seal has to endure in training, dedication to their country, and commitment it takes to fulfill their duties.
I really enjoyed both of his books. They provide an insightful window into seal life. You will find helpful life advice within the pages as well. At the very least, a page turned you won't what to put down.
An accurate description of the brotherhood that defends us..The combat that defines modern warfare in an historical sense is intriquing. To better understand the religious aspects of our Muslim enemy, read "Living to Die" by Carl Nurick. It is available via Amazon Kindle.
Excellent read! Among the very best of the very many SEAL bios.
This book is a story of the struggles within that empower very special people that most of our nation takes for granted. It inspires one to do there part in our community to live for the good of our communities and let go of the selfishness of seeing only to our own benefit. There has been a great price paid for our freedom and we can each contribute to maintaining such a luxury by thinking and acting as collective society's and standing guard against our single minded selfish and sometimes apathetic nature.
Works as advertised.
My friend's 1972 OMC outdrive needed a new impeller and pump housing. Ordering the individual parts through our authorized OMC dealer was close to $200. So we ordered this instead. It had everything we needed with a few extra gaskets (I'm assuming to cover a broader range of installations). With Amazon Prime, we got it two days later and it installed nicely and works great.
Fit what I needed!!
Better than Matt Gutman's book, who got some basic facts wrong (so I question the accuracy of his book). This book focuses more on the unsung heros (not just the military, government, and divers) who provided resources and support to the rescue, including a few details of life in the cave from an interview with one of the kids and his father and only disclosed with the father's permission.
I was able to pre-order the book at a discounted price. I was concerned that it would just be a rehash of the news stories, but figured that at the discounted price it was worth a shot. I was not disappointed. The author shares much that was not included in the news. The detailed account of the rescue literally took my breath away. I am a certified open water diver, not a cave diver, but I still cannot imagine how these guys rescued the kids and coach. It was a miracle Although they don't think they are heroes, I disagree, they are that and more. The book also highlights how much cooperation and love was shared among all the worlds citizens and especially the Thai people to accomplish this. In a world so filled with hate, this book truly shows that there are some good people out there. It also covers some of the difficulties and conflicts that needed to be overcome. Well written interesting story. A must-read in my opinion.
Works well. Has been installed for a few weeks.....
I was a little disappointing by these. The tube that is included is much to long for a pint jar (and not long enough for a quart jar) but was easily trimmed to size. Just be sure to not cut to much off, as it is much easier to cut off more then it is to make it longer. ;) I do think that the reason for it being so long is so it can fit any regular mouth jar not just one size. They do fit a regular mouth mason pint jar, but the seal that is included for the rim is to large, making a poor seal. However, I haven't had any leaking from around the threads, but they do leak very badly from around the black plastic pump where it is against the metal. Overall these are poor quality and while these do the job and don't look to bad, I may have been better off spending more for better quality.
Arrived well packaged and promptly. Sturdy enough parts to do as intended. Cute soap and lotion holders in country theme.
Had wrong part at first but was corrected by the Spa Guy.
Right part first time and fast delivery
There are only a few movies that I can honestly say that I watched at minimum 50 times. This one fits that mold perfectly. Make sure you get whatever food and drink you think that you will need for the duration of the movie before it starts. There will be no time for any breaks during the movie, I promise you'll regret even walking away for 2 mins.
delivery time - awesome!
Great for power washing pretreatment!
Just a classic that was way ahead of it's time in many regards. True A list stars that unlike today could actually act instead of just reciting lines to CGI overloaded backdrops. Simply hilarious and just plain entertaining.
This movie brought back a good memory for me. My husband had our grandchildren call him Boompa. He is gone now, but the grandkids still call him Boompa.
it's working great
A wonderful classic movie. Arrived on time and a good quality video for the time period of the movie.
Most everyone will have memories of a vacation gone wrong. Usually, looking back with hindsight, we can see humorous events in the experience. Thankfully, in this film, we get to laugh at someone else's problems. The situations are tame by today's standards but that doesn't mean that they do not still work. They work mainly because Jimmy Stewart and Maureen O'Hara make them work. The family is from St. Louis. They have two married daughters, a teenage daughter and a preteen son. Mom decides that instead of a romatic getaway vacation, they will rent a coast house in California and have a family reunion. Anyone who has ever had a vacation or a family can see trouble brewing. Non of the problems is insoluble or even uncommon. The son spends too much time in front of the TV. The younger daughter has braces and is insecure. What's worse is that she becomes popular with the boys (after an initial bribe from Dad). One of the older daughters is married to a guy out of work and the other one is married to a pretentious would be philanderer. The neighbor is a goldigger and the plubming is in really bad shape. Its lots of fun and it is kind. That is something all too lacking in many modern films. It's a winner.
Great movie . Clever dialogue . Can watch over and over .
A lot of good actors, but not much to work with.
A wonderful classic to watch over and over. Came in great condition.
Fortunately, this was an exact replacement for my existing cover, and with some minimal cutouts for pipes and cords, it went in fairly easily. I used some silicone caulk around the edges to make an airtight seal, and that holds it in place well, too.
I love these shoes. I have them in 3 colors. They are very lightweight - perfect for traveling. I usually wear a size 7.5, but in this shoes, the 7 fits perfectly. Good arch support. I have a broad foot and the fit is great.
I had to return. First off, believe what others have said about it running large. This particular shoe Ballerina Navy Midnight has a sparkly fabric...the material is stiff, as compared to a regular uberknit slipon. it was very uncomfortable...both for size and feel.
The shoes are gorgeous, but I had to return them because they were too tight. Regular FitFlop Uberknit ballet flats run a little wide, which is what I need. But these fit probably more true to size. So if your foot is a standard width...you'll love them! But if you are looking for a wider fit like the regular Fitflop Uberknits, these might not work for you. I really wish they fit. They're really beautiful!
super cute and comfy, but needed half a size smaller so I did an exchange and I am very happy now
Love these shoes. Bought 1/2 size down as recommended. I bought another pair ! Pink cream and now the grey blue. Love
I love these shoes, they do stretch. Its takes time for them to form to your foot, mine slips off my heel. Once it forms, stops slipping. Super light and comfortable
these are sparkly! If that's what you like then, great. They heel was too wide so I returned them.
they were hard to get on because of the high top of the shoe ,.,,wish I could have wore them
Light weight and so comfy. Looking at the other colors for more.
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