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Lead to mechanical seal leakage of corrosive reason for what?

by:Lepu     2021-01-21
Lead to mechanical seal leakage of corrosive reason for what? 2018 - 8 - 8 mechanical seal will leak, and there are many causes of this phenomenon, including the filling medium corrosion caused to the device, and want to solve this problem, must from the technology, equipment, maintenance and operation for the solution of the problem, only will these failures are ruled out the mechanical seal leakage problem completely solved, ensure good operation machinery. Now let's look at tianjin mechanical seal caused by corrosion of the cause of the leak. Usually caused by corrosion leakage including metal ring corrosion, nonmetal and auxiliary seal ring corrosion and corrosion of the contact positions, now let's look at these specific parts: what is the cause of corrosion leakage. First of all, the metal used in the mechanical seal ring has no ability to resist corrosion, if and direct contact with the corrosive medium will lead to the surface from corrosion, just appear when accompanied by strange, leakage and corrosion wear phenomenon. At the same time and spreading to the internal corrosion due to deformation, deformation after exposed parts are more serious corrosion, slowly make mechanical seal leakage. Second, the use of non-metallic graphite ring mechanical seal can also from corrosion, corrosion reason is that the section temperature is usually high, improper selection and impregnating resin impregnated resin depth, etc. When graphite ring in oxidizing medium, comprehensive cooling bad or friction, the environment of three or four baidu will prompt graphite and oxidizing oxidizing reaction medium, make face loss of performance. Finally, the mechanical seal auxiliary seal ring often use rubber, and rubber from corrosion ambulance lose elasticity, and touching part and auxiliary seal ring is relatively static, the gap between them and friction are the causes of corrosion, and etched surface usually wider and deeper. So the auxiliary seal ring and parts of the contact corrosion will cause leakage. Click more mechanical seal manufacturers information: /
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