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Kettle with models of mechanical seal

by:Lepu Seal     2020-03-21
1, HU1 type: according to the working condition of auxiliary seal volume can choose the same specification rubber 'O' ring, 'V'. Single spring, unbalanced type fork drive, compensation ability is strong, has nothing to do with shaft rotate to install. Scope of application: oil and water, crystalline strong alkali, salt, high solubility fluid, paste, organic solvents and other weak corrosion solution. Seal chamber pressure: 1 mpa or less. Seal chamber temperature: - 20℃~220℃。 Linear velocity: 15 or less m/s2, HU3 cauldron-using machinery seal: alternative 116 u, 59 u machine sealing, is not balanced, the structure of the single face. Spring choice: butterfly spring, spring, etc. Apply to oil, water, acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive medium in general. Seal chamber pressure: 1 or less. 6Mpa。 Seal chamber temperature: - 50℃~220℃。 Linear speed: 20 m/s3, or less HU5 type: type belongs to the part of the balance, rubber bellows, single spring, single end face structure, amount of interference ring by rubber bellows drive, good floatability, spring also plays a role of torque. Applicable to the waste water containing particles, oil and water. Seal chamber pressure: 1 or less. 6Mpa。 Seal chamber temperature: - 20℃~140℃。 Linear velocity: 10 m or less/s4, HU7 type: alternative 108 u machine sealing, non-equilibrium, the structure of the conical springs, spring handedness and axial rotation to the relevant. Seal chamber pressure: 1 or less mpa, sealed cavity temperature: - 20℃~180℃。 Linear speed: 15 m/s or less. 5, HUU803 cauldron-using machinery seal: for non-equilibrium model, double end face of the spring structure, drive transmission. Seal chamber pressure must be higher than medium pressure 0. 1 - 0. 2Mpa。 Seal chamber pressure: 1 or less. 6Mpa。 Seal chamber temperature: - 50℃~150℃。 Linear speed: 20 m/s or less. 6, HBM1 type: for single face, balanced, arbitrary spin to the metal bellows seal, ring o-ring, flexible graphite ring not compensation effect, therefore bellows move without resistance. Seal chamber pressure: 2 or less when bellows under external pressure. 5Mpa。 1 or less when bellows by internal pressure. 5Mpa。 Seal chamber temperature: - 20℃~400℃。 Linear speed: 15 m/s or less.
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