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Hydraulic seals standard is introduced

by:Lepu Seal     2020-03-29
The size of the hydraulic seal structure in different places have different standards, such as American standard, Japanese standard, 4 digits in Italy, German DIN, SMS and domestic common GB GB, Switzerland, and so on. Summarizes the design principle of the standard in our company, summarizes the popular global market size of the coverage and the existence of ready-made mould number comparison, determine the recommended AS568 American standard series as the standardization of the target. AS568 advantage is the largest diameter size increasing frequency is high, when we to design the diameter fine-tuning, can accommodate AS568, don't have to do some 5 - size change 10 mm greatly modulation. Plus AS568 demands for the size of the seal groove, is based on dynamic direction deviation fine-tuning, first we install the o-ring second action defining method of sliding surface, if a major diameter seal, requires than the diameter of the seal groove o-ring diameter is big, after install o-ring because of stress and strain at itself, let whole sealing circle against the bottom of the channel, avoid because in the installation of the metal, because the seal derailment caused damage. Inner seal selection requirements are just on the contrary, the diameter of the seal groove o-ring diameter smaller than, stress of the o-ring for itself after installation hold tight, let whole sealing cylindrical close to the bottom of the channel, the purpose is to avoid same seals derailment. Because of the derailment is not to test, the damage of seal after the install is complete seal, disassemble parts inspection, then reinstall again is totally unreasonable, will be temporarily hide these installation damage problem, usually shows, even in the parts testing finished products when using production delays or increase in maintenance rate. Since AS568 o-ring is a use of the existing universal and reasonable design standard, when we choose should be biased towards regionalization and globalization? Even we need to create a unique set of standards, it depends on our goals and expectations for product popularization region.
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