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hydraulic cylinder seals failure - the main causes

by:Lepu Seal     2020-06-10
One of the main causes of hydraulic cylinder failure is seal failure.
While the cost of the hydraulic cylinder seal is not high, when the seal becomes the cause of the cylinder failure, the production loss and downtime failure may become very expensive.
If there is a problem with the cylinder, it is better to focus on the problem or cause that causes the sealing failure problem.
The main reasons for the failure of the hydraulic seal are as follows: when the seal is not properly installed: when installing the seal, it is very important to consider the following points: the precautions here are to be very careful when installing a hydraulic seal when the hydraulic system is contaminated: this is another major cause of the hydraulic seal failure.
Pollution is caused by external elements such as mud, sand, dust, dirt, ice, etc.
Internal problems can cause contamination such as product breakage of metal sheet circulation, fluid, hose and other degradation systemsdown.
Most hydraulic systems are contaminated externally due to Rod retraction.
That\'s why it\'s a good solution to install the wiper or scraper properly.
By proper filtration of the fluid system, internal contamination in the hydraulic seal can be prevented.
You know that when you see the surface of the cylinder and rod holes that score, too much seal wear and leakage, etc, the seal is contaminated.
Material selection is incorrect: when a chemical failure occurs in the seal material, it is caused by incorrect material selection.
Another reason may be the change of fluid in the hydraulic system.
Compatible materials are one of the main reasons for the failure of sealing elements.
It causes the loss of the interface of the sealing lip mouth, softening the sealing durometer, shrinking or expanding too much.
This is also a pointer to a chemical attack when your hydraulic seal is discolored.
Thermal degradation: When you see that your hydraulic seal presents a hard, brittle look, or when you see that the sealing lip or the part where the body is broken, it means that there is thermal degradation.
Due to the loss of sealing lip efficiency, thermal degradation occurs.
The main reason for this is that the sealing material is incorrect, the friction is very large, the lip load is very high, and very close to the external heat source.
In order to solve the problem of heat degradation, it is necessary to reduce the interference of the sealing lip, replace the sealing material or increase lubrication.
Conclusion: in order to solve the problem of sealing failure of hydraulic cylinder, you do not have to buy replacement seals from the manufacturer of hydraulic cylinder.
Instead, it is your hydraulic seal manufacturer that can provide you with the exact size of the seal.
If the problem continues to occur, please consult your supplier to find a solution that can improve the life of the hydraulic seal.
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