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how to use dry ice in an rv fridge

by:Lepu Seal     2019-12-17
Dry ice is not the best long-
The term solution to keep the RV refrigerator cool, but in an emergency, if the RV refrigerator is broken, you can keep the power, or you can wait for the repair parts, which can save your frozen food supply, save the day.
Knowing how it works is the key to using dry ice in the RV refrigerator without damaging anything.
Description: Unplug the RV refrigerator moderately or turn off the refrigerator.
Dry ice is cold and can break your RV thermostat.
Unless you intend to replace the whole unit, it is best to protect the thermostat from the cold.
Move everything from the top shelf of the RV refrigerator to the bottom shelf.
Cool air sinks so put dry ice on top shelf.
Don\'t worry that it will drop onto your food and dry ice will not melt.
It sublimate, which means it becomes carbon dioxide again.
Pick up the dry ice brick with protective insulated gloves or pliers.
Put dry ice in a stack of three or a few papers or in a brown paper bag.
Pack dry ice loosely and place the end of the paper below.
Put dry ice on the top shelf of the refrigerator.
Items closest to dry ice are likely to freeze, so put what you want to freeze under dry ice.
If you have a vent at the top of your RV refrigerator, this will change the flow of carbon dioxide and you will need to customize a method that best suits your situation.
Close the refrigerator.
As needed, replace dry ice every 24 hours.
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