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how to slash your car repair bills by making the top 10 most common parts last longer

by:Lepu Seal     2020-01-06
When there is a sudden problem with your car, this is usually a sign that you will receive a large bill.
Expensive Car repairs have an interesting habit of popping up when you can\'t afford it, letting you bend the plastic to make yourself on the road.
New data from Click Mechanicreveal showed that the most common maintenance costs in British life averaged £ 30,000.
The part that needs to be replaced most is the fuel filter, followed by the battery.
Clutch, brake pads and flywheel are also the most important when it comes to common replacement.
This is the most expensive flywheel in British life-
Nearly 8,000 pounds were splashed during the repair.
So what can you do on these common questions to save yourself some much needed cash.
With the help of experts at Click Mechanic, we have listed the top ten faults that are most likely to occur, how much will you spend and let us know --
The story signs when they are about to go bankrupt.
Also, you can use these tricks to keep these parts on for longer periods and save some cash.
Logo to be replaced: sliding clutch, noisy transmission, starting motor is difficult to turn when rotating the flywheel. When replacing the clutch, it is usually recommended to replace the flywheel because the faulty clutch often
The life of the flywheel depends on how much you take care of the clutch.
Do not put too much pressure on the clutch and use it only if necessary.
The logo it needs to be replaced: when driving, it starts to slip, you can\'t change the gear correctly, and as the thickness decreases gradually, the transmission creates unusual noise wear over time, this means that you will have to replace some in your life.
However, the average life span of each person should still be quite long --
But if you abuse it
Don\'t put too much pressure on it, release it when you\'re still
For example, when you are at a red light, use the handbrake and put the car in neutral condition.
Do not actively replace the gear, and do not \"ride\" the clutch by gently touching the pedal with your feet.
Signs it needs to be replaced: Check if the engine light is on, the engine does not rotate speed, the coolant temperature is too high, and the smoke or smell from bonnetProne is easily worn out due to exposure to extreme high temperatures, it may fail when the cylinder head gasket becomes too hot-this is called the cylinder head gasket.
The pressure of the engine will drop and the car will no longer function properly.
If this problem occurs, you should not drive the car and seek the help of a professional mechanic as soon as possible.
In order to prevent the gasket from overheating, you need to ensure that the coolant system is operating effectively.
By checking the pump, the cylinder head gasket is unlikely to overheat.
Signs to be replaced: the dashboard or internal light is not on properly, the battery warning light on the dashboard, the battery does not charge the alternator will generate electricity to charge the car battery.
It is an important part of the engine as the battery will provide power to a range of components
So start the car, listen to the radio, or use the electric window, which will wear the car.
In addition to not fiddling with buttons frequently, make sure all the components in the engine are clean and of good quality, which will make the AC generator longer in life.
Logo it needs to be replaced: grinding or creaking from the engine, the car will not start (
Once after the belt buckle)
Also known as timing belts, Cambelt is used to operate valves on the engine.
Made of rubber, it will wear out and eventually brake if the manufacturer recommends not replacing it.
If the seat belt breaks, it can cause serious engine damage, which can be an expensive thing.
The belt itself is cheaper to replace, so be sure to do this when needed.
If you want to improve the conditions for camping, it can help to store your car in a garage.
The sharp change in temperature will make the rubber expand and shrink, and finally make it brittle and crack.
Signs to be replaced: the car does not start, the appliance is broken, the battery terminals are corroded, or the battery leaks acid over time to form a corrosive blue or white powder
This can affect the cable and eventually damage the battery.
To remove this acid, wear protective gloves and goggles to mix the baking powder with the aqueous solution.
Simply scrub this solution on the corrosive powder with a toothbrush, which will break it.
To extend the life of the battery, you should make sure that you do not leave the headlights, door lights or any electrical equipment when you leave the car.
You should also try to travel long distances in the car to make sure the battery is fully charged
You can buy a car battery tester to check its health.
Signs to be replaced: check that the engine light is on, the engine feels rough, the fuel consumption increases, and the fight between the car and the startA fuel filter will become dirty over time, and lead to fuel blockage or excessive dirty fuel into the fuel pump.
Nothing can be done to prevent the wear of the fuel filter, but you should make sure that it is always working to prevent further damage.
Check it as per the suggested schedule or if you notice any of the above issues.
The logo it needs to be replaced: the brakes are not as effective as when you brake, creaking, the brake warning lights on the dashboard, according to your driving style and environment, the car vibrates or pulls under the brake pads and brake discs to wear out.
Less aggressive braking will lead to a longer life of both.
You can replace the front, back or all pads/discs at the same time to keep them balanced.
Signs to be replaced: the engine can\'t start, the starting motor is noisy, and you will hear a click when you turn the key in the ignition switch. The starting motor is an auxiliary part to start the car and it can be found to be connected to the flywheel.
After the engine is started, the starting motor will be turned off automatically.
Due to short circuit, rust, the starting motor may fail or it will simply wear out over time.
In order to avoid keeping the ignition key at the starting position longer than necessary, as this will make the starting motor run and wear.
Signs it needs to be replaced: fluid near the engine, engine temperature above normal temperature, engine temperature warning light water pump is another component that is easily worn out and should be checked and replaced according to the suggested schedule.
The most common problem is the leakage or damage of the seal of the rotating part of the pump.
The lack of coolant in the car system can cause the engine to overheat, severe, and expensive engine damage.
To extend the life of the pump you just need to keep the engine good
Maintain and replace coolant when recommended.
Since pumps are usually run by camping belts, most drivers replace them together due to high cost effectiveness.
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