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How to Sanitize Water in an RV

by:Lepu Seal     2020-01-16
Bacteria can grow in an RV.Water tank and piping system when water stays too long.Fresh disinfectionAt the beginning and end of each camping season, the water system in the RV appears whenever the RV is not used for a long time, or whenever the RV water looks or smells bad.Description difficulty: Challenge to turn the water heater off from the user control panel inside the RV.Let the water heater cool for two hours before proceeding to the next step.Turn off all the taps in the RV.Remove drinking-Water filter inside RV.Attach one end of the drink-water-Fresh safety RV hoseThe water tank inlet and the other end of the faucet.Turn on the tap and fill with fresh stuffA water tank half full of water.Turn off the faucet and remove the hose.Figure out the capacity of your fresh foodwater tank.Please refer to the RV owner manual if you are not sure.Pour 1/4 cups of chlorine bleach into oneContainer for gallonsFill the rest of the container with clear water.A gallon of this bleach.and-The water mixture is enough to disinfect 15-gallon fresh-water tank.Mix enough one-A gallon container to disinfect the fuel tank of the size you have.For example, a 30-Two for a gallon tank.Gallon bleach mixturePut a funnel in a fresh placeWater tank entrance.Pour the full amount of the bleach mixture through the funnel into the tank.Disconnect your RV from the external water source connection and turn on the water pump inside the RV.Start with a tap in the RV, turn on the water and let it run until you smell bleach.Turn off the tap once you smell bleach.Each tap in the RV is repeated once, including the shower tap.This ensures that the bleach mixture is inside all the pipes.Turn on a hot water faucet and turn it on until you smell bleach and turn it off.This ensures that the bleach mixture is inside the water heater.Turn off the pump.Reconnect drinking-water-Fresh safety RV hoseWater tank entrance.Turn on the tap and fill the tank until it is full.Turn off all taps for 12 to 24 hours and have the bleach mixture disinfect the piping system.Install one side of the RV sewer hose on the RV sewer connection and the other side on the dump sewer connection.Open all pumps inside the RV.Turn on all the taps (cold and hot) inside the RV, including the shower, to drain the bleach mixture from the system.Turn off the tap once freshThe water tank drained.Drinks attached-water-Fresh safety RV hoseWater tank entrance, turn on the faucet.Fill the tank and turn off the tap.Turn on all the taps in the RV (hot and cold) again and rinse the bleach from the water pipe.Fill fresh againWater tank and drain through the tap multiple times as needed to remove bleach from the pipe.When you can no longer detect the chlorine smell from the tap, it disappears from the system.Turn off the water pump and faucet.Reconnect the drinks insidewater filters.The Tips & warningssources article by Rose KiviRose Kivi has been written for more than 10 years.She has a background in the area of care, wildlife restoration and habitat protection.Kivi has written educational textbooks, patient care brochures, animal husbandry guides, outdoor survival manuals, and has written contributors to two books in Uncle John\'s Bathroom Reader series.
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