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how to replace an rv water heater thermocouple

by:Lepu Seal     2020-01-18
In an RV, a thermocouple is used as a safety device.
The work of the thermocouple is to monitor the presence of the water heater indicator.
If the indicator light goes off, the thermocouple automatically prevents propane gas from flowing to the indicator light.
Learning how to replace the RV thermocouple is a normal part of RV maintenance and is not difficult to grasp and requires a tool.
Description difficulty: adjust all gas valve to the closing position, and it is quite simple to operate.
Depending on the RV, this can be done either through an electrical switch inside the RV or through two steps in the propane tank itself.
Remove the outer plate of the water heater;
This can be done by hand.
Find the existing thermocouple, a thick copper wire without insulation.
While its location varies depending on the RV, the thermocouple is usually found in a horizontal position along the lower half of the water heater compartment.
Use the adjustable wrench to loosen the connection nut that holds the thermocouple on the gas regulator.
Once loose, screw it completely with your hand.
Loosen the nut at the relatively thick end of the thermocouple.
Manipulating the thermocouple from the sideto-
Pull while pulling.
Push it into position when operating the new thermocouple-to-side.
Avoid bending copper: it will crack.
Tighten the nut with your hand first and then tighten it with a wrench.
Initially there was only one quarter to tighten the nut.
Check the thermocouple to make sure there is no play when trying to swing.
After a complete tightening.
Open the gas valve and light the indicator light.
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