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how to replace a hydraulic hose fitting

by:Lepu Seal     2020-04-23
Hydraulic hoses are used in countless industries, but one thing that brings them together --
Great pressure.
While hydraulic fittings are designed to withstand this heavy use and abuse, it is well known that they will crash over time or suffer serious damage in an accident.
In this case, you need to replace them immediately to prevent any further damage to the hose or in fact.
Any device that depends on them.
Whether you have any mechanical or plumbing experience or not, replacing the hydraulic hose fittings is something you can do, although a qualified plumber or mechanic can do the job if you are not sure about the procedure.
However, you need some tools if you choose to go alone. They are;
New hydraulic hose fittings; chains; clamps; a pipe wrench; a multi-purpose wrench; rags; buckets;
Suitable clothing;
Working gloves and protective glasses.
OK, let\'s start: Step 1: Find the problem area and release the pressure on the hydraulic cylinder. Visual inspection of the hydraulic pump to determine the extent of damage suffered.
To find damaged fittings and leaking hoses, place them on the ground in the well
Lighting area, check carefully.
Anything that looks suspicious should be marked.
Then, to prevent the blow, you need to release the pressure on the hydraulic cylinder
You get hurt when you enter the second step.
Step 2: Remove the hose assembly in order to remove the fittings, you must remove some of the components in the hydraulic hose, including the shield, the fixture and the housing.
It\'s better to always take photos of each step removed so you can recall which part will go when reassembling later.
After taking the photo, label each part and put it aside.
Step 3: remove the offending hose fittings most hose fittings rotate when the hydraulic pump is on, so you need two wrenches to remove the rotating part-
One Holding, one turning.
There are two joints for most accessories, so you should put the wrench there.
If you find them stuck, try to loosen the coupling with some lubricant.
If you are going to remove the hose as well, you need to loosen the fittings on the hose and pull them out.
Step 4: replace new accessories and clean them to ensure that there is no debris, dirt or dust in the system, because this can have a devastating impact on the safety and effectiveness of your machine.
When you\'re done, take a look at the photos of the disassembly process you \'ve taken, repeat in reverse, make sure everything is in the right place, and your cylinder pin is in place before adding the snap ring.
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