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how to remove the water pump pulley in a saturn s-series car

by:Lepu Seal     2020-01-06
Your car may break down one day and you can\'t afford to rent a mechanic so what do you do. . .
You look for some ways online
Be your own car mechanic and that\'s why.
No advanced training is required for repairs and simple maintenance on the car, but you may need some tools.
Invest in basic tools and you will be ready for any car failure you can think.
These tutorials will help you get on the road as long as you want.
This video will show you how to remove the water pump pulley in Saturn S-Series car.
In this video, you will learn not only how to remove the pump pulley, but also how to remove the pump pulley without using the impact tool.
All you need is an apartment.
A screwdriver, a ten-mm wrench, and a tube.
The rest of the Saturn pulley could be a minor trouble.
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