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How to reasonably improve the application effect of packing-to-set seal

by:Lepu Seal     2022-01-22

The main function of the packing-to-set seal is to prevent the high-pressure gas in the cylinder from leaking along the direction of the piston rod. It is one of the important components in the compressor and one of the main external leakage paths of the compressor. It is the tangential notch ring that acts as a seal, while the main function of the radial notch ring is to cover the notch of the tangential ring. Due to the action of the gas force to the low pressure side, the gas enters the outer side of the packing from the axial gap between the packing seal ring and the stuffing box cup groove and the notch gap of the radial ring, and forms three sealing surfaces under the action of the gas force : The radial ring and the tangential ring are staggered to form a sealing surface, the tangential ring and the piston rod surface form a sealing surface, and the tangential ring and the side of the cup groove form a sealing surface, which prevents the leakage of gas and thus plays a sealing role. Gas flows back into the cylinder through the slit gap portion of the radial ring.u200bu200b
In order to reasonably improve the application efficiency of the seal, it is necessary to fundamentally reduce the leakage problem. It is necessary to carry out overall analysis and centralized treatment in combination with the actual situation, establish and improve a more systematic processing mechanism and improvement measures, and ensure that the packing is changed to a centralized type. The sealing management level conforms to the basic requirements. It is necessary to focus on expanding the aperture parameters of the cooling water hole structure, and rationally set the corresponding cooling jacket structure to ensure that the heat exchange area can meet the requirements. in the actual application system. The management of water quality should be coordinated with the daily supervision mechanism, and on the basis of maintaining integrity, it will lay a foundation for the upgrading and optimization of subsequent processing accuracy.u200bu200b
After the actual operation process is carried out, it is necessary to improve the machining accuracy management according to the actual requirements, solve the problem of mismatch between the inner diameter of the choke ring and the piston rod, and effectively improve the level. It should be noted that the material of the choke ring is generally copper, so it will change in a high temperature environment, and the overall linear expansion coefficient is high, which requires the designer to control and deal with it as a whole. It is necessary to use more refined manual grinding to effectively improve the contact effect between each structure of the choke ring and the piston rod, and control it to more than 75% to ensure that the gap can be between 0.2mm and 0.3mm. In addition, relevant personnel should effectively solve the problem of the rupture of the tension spring inside the choke ring in the seal by increasing the diameter of the tension spring, improve the application effect rationally, and ensure that the diameter of the tension spring can be expanded from 2.8mm to 4.5mm .
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