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how to prepare foods in advance for camping

by:Lepu Seal     2020-05-15
There is something that seems to make the food taste better on a camping trip.
Whether it\'s a hot dog or a burger, it tastes like filet steak when you eat by the campfire.
Camping stoves and grills make it relatively simple and easy to prepare your camp food, but you don\'t have to prepare too much in advance.
If you have prepared some menu items before arriving at the camp, you will find that you will spend less time cooking and more time relaxing.
Guide difficulty: plan a menu of all the food you plan to eat during your trip in moderation and simplicity.
Then you can choose the food you can prepare in advance.
If the food you prepare is not frozen, but is kept in the cooler, you can measure how long it will take from preparing the food to eating it before it goes bad.
Choose the meat you want to marinate.
Wash the meat and put it in a plastic bag if needed.
Season with the marinade of your choice and seal the bag.
Throw the plastic bag into the refrigerator.
Not only does this prevent meat from spoiling, it\'s also possible to make an ice bag for your cooler.
Once your meat is unfrozen in the camp, it can be taken out of the bag and thrown on the grill.
Cook potatoes, chicken, tuna and pasta salad the night before departure.
This will leave time for the taste and when you want to eat the next day, the food will be fresh and there is no preparation in the camp.
Store the finished product in a plastic container and place it in the refrigerator until you are ready to pack the cooler.
Wash the salad fixings before traveling and place them in a plastic container.
You can make a full salad ready to eat, or put the washed vegetables in the container and eat as needed.
In any case, you do not have to clean or prepare vegetables in the camp.
Keep the container in the fridge so your vegetables stay fresh.
Bake anything you want in the camp.
If you bake cookies, brownies, cakes, or any other dessert before your trip, you\'ll be ready for homemade goodies.
Place them in a sealed plastic bag or container to keep them fresh.
Cook tacos, peppers and chicken fajita meat before traveling.
Freeze cooked meals in plastic bags or containers.
This will keep it fresh and it can naturally thaw inside your cooler.
When unfreezing, it can be used as an ice block for other foods in the cooler.
Heating and service at the camp.
Joyce StarrJoyce Starr is a professional writer from Florida with a landscaping company and a garden center.
She published articles on camping, lawn care and gardening in Florida and wrote articles for the local gardening newsletter.
She shared her love and knowledge of outdoors and nature through writing.
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