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how to make a self priming centrifugal pump

by:Lepu Seal     2019-11-13
This is a centrifugal pump that only needs to be filled before the pump starts, and then it can continue to work on its own.
To make this pump, you need :-Threaded rod (driveshaft)-Hose adaptor-Hose/ Tubing-
Neoprene tablets-
2 sheets of plastic-1x plastic tray (laser cut)-
Bottleneck and bottle cap-
19x nuts and bolts-38x washers-
3x block of wood (
Vacuum molding mold)-
Ultra-thin aluminum alloyhot glue gun-
Waterproof caulking-
1) epoxy resin
Mark the position of 3 internal components on the back panel (
Impeller and 2 pieces)
And the external shape of the pump will continue. 2)
At the center where the impeller will go, Mark and drill holes for the inlet hose and drive. 3)
Connect the hose adapter through the inlet hole. Outer Casing1)Create a \'tear-
Drip mold (
The wooden block as shown in the figure
Remove the shell on the surface of the pump from a piece of wood.
This is a vacuum again. 2)
Using waterproof sealing materials, sealing around the edge of the casing of the hole may occur during vacuum molding. 3)
Drill an outlet hole at the top of the \"tear\" Shell and use a glue gun to connect the bottleneck. 4)
Make sure to keep the plastic edge around the shape formed by the vacuum (for bolts). Inner Shapes1)
Make mold with wood inside shape.
These should be as thick as the mold of the shell. 2)
These blocks will then be formed by vacuum to create the shape of the Interior)
Glue the internal shape to the desired position on the shell 4)
If the internal shape is not in contact with the back panel layer, place the back panel on it and cover the back panel layer with something like wood or plastic of the required thickness, so that\'s OK. Flat Surface(
Make the seal flush with the shell)1)
Mark the shape of the front shell on a thin piece of plastic (
This will help seal)
Cut it off and its thickness should be fixed enough with bolts. Neoprene Seal1)
Repeat the same step as the plane on a new surface 1)
Cutting a plastic disc with a diameter of 110mm, it is recommended to have a slit on the disc to make the blade stronger. (
Ideally, laser cutting machine should be used).
Drill a hole for the transmission in the center of the disc. 2)
To make the blade, cut the aluminum sheet into 5 small pieces 60mm long and 35mm wide and bend into shape. 3)
Use epoxy to connect the blade to the disc to create the impeller. 4)
Pass the transmission through the holes on the impeller and bolts.
Connecting parts 1)
Pass the drive with the impeller through the hose adapter on the back plate. 2)
Mark out the 19 holes that the nut and bolt will connect on the neoprene, Shell, back plate and surface. 3)
Connect the above parts together using washers, nuts and bolts. 4)
Use a waterproof seal on the edge where leakage may occur to ensure that the pump is water tight. 5)
For the outlet, some glue gun will spray on the cap and screw on the bottleneck
For the entrance, use a bicycle inner tube and pin a very small hole on it for the drive unit ii)
Connect hosing to one side of the hose adapter and the other to the hose adapter.
Finally, keep all of this together with a cable tie.
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