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How to Keep My Black Water Tank From Freezing in My RV

by:Lepu Seal     2020-01-19
When the RV is camping at cold temperatures, you not only have to keep yourself warm, you also need to protect your black water tank from freezing.The black water tank of an RV that burst from freezing is a nightmare.In addition to the cost of replacing the black tank, the chaos of splashing sewage everywhere is enough to make you cry.Some RVs have better thermal insulation than others, making the black tank less prone to icing, but not necessarily not.No matter how your RV is built, you can leave your black water tank for the winter through the following steps to prevent it from freezing and damaging.Description difficulty: gently empty the black water tank.Turn off the black tank.If you don\'t know the size of the RV yet, please read the RV owner\'s manual to determine the size of the black tank for the RV.Please refer to the RV antifreeze instructions to determine how much antifreeze is recommended for your size black water tank.Close the water pump and disconnect the water supply into the RV to prevent water from entering the black water tank, while winter the water tank.Pour the recommended amount of RV antifreeze into the toilet.Hold down the flush bar of the toilet while pouring antifreeze to get it to the black water tank.Wrap the foam pipe insulation around the black tank dump valve as an additional protective layer to prevent freezing and prevent the valve from freezing and closing.If you are going to use your RV, turn on the pump and reconnect the main water.Fill the toilet with a little bit of water, just like you usually keep the smell of sewage, only if you use a heater in your RV.Otherwise, keep the toilet empty.Keep the black tank off until it is 1/2 full and empty.Repeat the above steps againWinter your black water tank.The Tips & warningssources article by Rose KiviRose Kivi has been written for more than 10 years.She has a background in the area of care, wildlife restoration and habitat protection.Kivi has written educational textbooks, patient care brochures, animal husbandry guides, outdoor survival manuals, and has written contributors to two books in Uncle John\'s Bathroom Reader series.
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