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How to Install a Water Pump in a Camper

by:Lepu Seal     2020-01-19
RV camping is a great way to travel the countryside and enjoy the outdoor beauty without giving up the comfort of many families.Whether you own or rent a camper, most come with an internal water supply system running by a pump.However, these pumps may last for many years and occasionally fail.This usually happens if campers do not get the proper winter and the water stays in the pump at cold temperatures.The water inside the pump freezes and destroys the pump.After purchasing a replacement pump for campers, it is simple to install.Manual difficulty: it is moderately easy to find the pump.It is usually located outside a camper near a fresh water tank or under a table seat or cabinet.If you can\'t find the pump, an easy way to find it is to turn on the water and listen to the noise, which will guide you to the general area.Power off the pump.The circuit breaker will be located in the circuit breaker panel near the camper inverter.If the old pump is still there, remove it.Remove the red and black wires at the pump connection using a screwdriver.Remove the clip and separate the two hoses.Screws often hold the pump in place.Remove them using a screwdriver and remove the pump.Put the new pump in the same position as the old pump.Use the screwdriver and the new screw that comes with the pump to screw the new pump in place.Connect the outgoing and supply hose.Adjust and tighten the hose using a screwdriver and clip.Connect the red and black wires to the pump using a screwdriver.Positive and negative positions are determined on the pump.Make sure the red wire is connected to the front and the black wire is connected to the negative.Open the water pump circuit breaker.Turn on the tap and check if the pump and hose are running properly to find any leaks.Re-Please tighten any loose connections or screws if required.Article written byC.BauerA.C.Bauer is an experienced adventurer who explores four continents, including hiking in Machu Picchu, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, running ice age trails and riding a road bike from the front door.She wrote marketing materials for eight years, worked for sporting goods companies in Red Bull, Disney and Dick, and received a master\'s degree in entertainment and sports science from Ohio University.
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