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How to guarantee the quality of mechanical seal manufacturers equipment?

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-13
How to guarantee the quality of mechanical seal manufacturers equipment? 2018 - 6 - Make sure to ensure the quality of mechanical seal factory equipment, mechanical seal factory staff will know what is the mechanical seals. Mechanical seal is a medium for rotating equipment parts, in a pair of or more than a pair of straight in the rotation axis, mechanical seal face under the action of fluid pressure and counter elasticity keep post merger and relative sliding and avoid fluid leakage. So it is very important to ensure the quality of the equipment, then we do the following points can ensure the quality of mechanical seal equipment. 1, the shaft radial beat the equipment should be 0 or less. 4 mm, axial momentum not allow greater than zero. 1 mm. 2, equipment sealing parts in the equipment should be kept clean, sealed parts should be clean, the seals intact, avoid impurity and dust into the sealing parts. 3, in the process of equipment it is forbidden to touch attack, smite, avoid conflict of various parts lead to seal failure. 4, equipment should be in touch with seal appearance with a layer of cleaning machine oil, so as to smooth equipment. 5, equipment, static ring gland, screw down the screws necessary force uniform, ensure static ring end face and straight axis. 6, the equipment before the work necessary to filled with dielectric, to avoid conflict and make the seal failure. Equipment after push the ring with the hand, makes a sensitive mobile ring on the shaft, and must be flexible; With the hand plate moving axis, axis should be no weight feeling. Click more mechanical seal manufacturers information: /
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