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How to get better effect of mechanical seal in high speed environment

by:Lepu Seal     2022-01-24

Mechanical seals can be used in various equipment. When the equipment belongs to high-speed equipment, if you do not pay attention to the correct use of the mechanical seal, it may fail, thus affecting the stable operation of the equipment. How to make it get better results when using it in a high-speed environment?
When the rotational speed exceeds 3000r/min or the linear speed of the friction pair exceeds 25m/s, it is generally regarded as a high-speed seal. Under the condition of high speed of mechanical seal, the friction end face will generate a lot of heat due to the high linear velocity. At this time, the liquid film on the end face is not easy to be formed, and the wear is increased.
High speed is also easy to cause the vibration of the rotating ring, and is subjected to a large centrifugal force, which is not conducive to the formation and maintenance of the liquid film between the end faces. Therefore, in the case of high speed, in order to reduce the influence of centrifugal force and vibration, the rotating parts should be minimized, and the spring static structure should be adopted. It can also strengthen the cooling and lubrication of the end face of the friction pair. In addition, a friction pair material with a high [PV] value can be selected to reduce the contact width of the end face, or a controlled membrane mechanical seal can be used.
In recent years, a mechanical seal called differential ring type has also been used in high-speed equipment. Since a differential ring is added in the middle of the original dynamic and static rings, the linear velocity of the friction pair can be reduced by half, and good results have been achieved.
This also reminds the majority of users that when using mechanical seals under different environmental conditions, they should choose different types of mechanical seal products according to specific conditions. A note, recommended by the manufacturer, this can also make it work better.
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