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How to Connect PVC Pipe to Brass Pipe

by:Lepu Seal     2020-06-06
There are several ways to connect PVC pipes with copper pipes.The mechanical pipe connection using the threaded joint is the safest.Compressed pipe connectors using rubber seals and locking nuts are the next best solution.
Rubber pipe adapter commonly referred to as hub or hub-freeHub accessories, use stainless steel tape to fix each pipe connection, their most common application is inPressurized drainage-Waist and ventilation pipes.There are a lot of epoxyChemical products based on market;However, they are not recommended when connecting PVC and brass fittings.Connect the female adapter on the PVC pipe with primer and glue.
Thread the copper pipe several times with Teflon thread tape.Twist the two together with your hands.Hold the copper pipe with a wrench and tighten the PVC fittings on the copper pipe with another wrench.Slide a compression nut on the PVC pipe and a compression nut on the copper pipe.
Attach rubber seals to each tube.
Install the two pipes into the coupling until they meet in the middle.Screw each nut to the coupling by hand.Fix the coupling in the middle with a wrench and tighten the nut with another wrench.Loosen the metal belt of rubber no-Hub coupling with screwdriver.
Insert one end of the PVC pipe into one end and one end of the brass pipe into the other until the two meet in the center.Tighten the strap evenly with a screwdriver
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