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How to Clean RV Fresh Water Holding Tanks

by:Lepu Seal     2020-01-17
In warm or hot conditions, the tank of the RV is sealed and often stagnant, and will eventually be stained with algae and mucus.Forced to drink or take a bath in a foulTasting things goes against the purpose of even having an RV with running water, so tanks must be cleaned regularly.The process of cleaning and disinfection is very simple, but it takes a lot of time and water.Description difficulty: in the owner\'s manual, you can easily find out how much water your RV water tank can hold, because you need this information later.Then carry it with you as this will help to identify other parts on the RV later.Find the water heater, which is usually located behind the panel outside-rear of the RV.Close it and then also open the pressure release valve.Then, unplug or open the valve on the water heater and drain the water tank, but be careful with the hot water.Finally, remove the pump (sometimes behind the same panel) and deactivate it as well.Drain to the RV.At the lowest point, there will be valves or plugs.Open these and drain any water remaining in the tank.Return to all drain valves or plugs and close them again.Go to the filling nozzle of the tank, insert a funnel, and put 4 teaspoons of detergent into the tank every time you load 10 gallons of water.Connect the filling nozzle to the water source and fill the water tank with water.Re-open the water heater and pump and close the pressure release valve.Enter the RV, turn on the tap and let the water flow until the soapy water comes out of the tap.And lock them up.Turn off the water heater and pump, open the pressure release valve, drain the tank of the RV, and seal everything, Repeat steps 2 to 4.Repeat steps 5 to 8 to disinfect the tank and only use bleach instead of detergent this time.Pour a cup of standard bleach (adjust the amount down if concentrated bleach is used) into the tank every 15 gallons of water.Then leave the bleach behind.Place the water in the tank overnight (or at least 12 hours) before draining ).Otherwise, the program is the same.Refill the tank after emptying the bleach-Water in the tank.Turn on the tap and let the water flow over the tap just to make sure there is no residual soap or bleach in the water pipe.Let it run until there is no smell of soap or bleach in the water.Prompt and warning articles written by Edwin Thomas have been written since 1997.His work appears in a variety of online publications, including Black Watch, Proboxing-Fans and othersThomas, a travel blogger, editor and writer, traveled from Argentina to Vietnam to find stories.He holds a master\'s degree in international affairs from an American university.
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