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how to clean out an rv black water tank

by:Lepu Seal     2020-01-17
The black water tank in the RV is used to store and manage human waste and toilet paper until it can be dumped at designated dumping stations.
For campers who like to camp in a RV, the black water tank is absolutely necessary.
Many campers lodging in camps and RV resorts
Ups also stores black water in the tank, flushing and cleaning once a week.
Cleaning the RV black tank is a fairly simple process and not at all messy if done right.
Difficulty of operation: the tension of a pair of disposable gloves is moderate.
While the job should be fairly clean, it is a good idea to take precautions when dealing with such waste.
Find and identify the valve for the gray water tank and black water tank on the side of the RV.
People in the RV park usually let the gray water and shower in the kitchen automatically flow into the sewer instead of storing it (
It is not good to let the gray water flow out on the ground)
Therefore, both valves may or may not be closed.
If the sewer is not already connected, use the appropriate connector to connect a black water tank from the RV to the sewer or dump to prevent leakage.
Open the valve of the black water tank and let the water tank flow into the sewer or garbage dump.
If there is water in the gray water tank, open the valve and help rinse the sewer of the RV with gray water.
Connect the sewer.
Close the valve of the black water tank and connect the fresh water hose to the Flushing connection of the water tank (
It should have a clear label and is located near the entrance to fresh water).
Fill 2/3 of the tank with fresh water (
Open the toilet valve, observe the water level, or listen to the water as it enters the tank).
Check if the sewer line is still connected to the dump or sewer.
Open the release valve of the black water tank again;
The fresh water in the tank will rinse the tank and help to remove the residual solids and paper from the tank.
Close the valve tightly to the black tank.
Put a few gallons of fresh water into the tank just enough to fill the drain.
Add toilet chemicals according to packing instructions (
This will help reduce odor and break down solids)
Then the other half.
A gallon of fresh water
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