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how to change transmission fluid

by:Lepu Seal     2020-02-15
There is a common fact in removing old transmission liquid new cars: they are often manufacturedit-
Your own repair and service work is more challenging than you think.
This is also true when it comes to changing the transport fluid.
First of all, you must find the transmission disc as the fluid reservoir of the automatic transmission (ATF).
Because you know the location of the drive fluid dipstick, you have a good clue.
The pot will sit directly under the Oil ruler.
Unfortunately, some cars require you to remove the oil pan before reaching the transmission tray.
In other cars, you must first remove the part of the exhaust system.
Once you have exposed the pan, it\'s time to drain the liquid.
Some drive discs are equipped with drain pipes.
If you are lucky enough to have such a pan, you can simply remove the plug to drain the ATF.
Most transmissions, however, do not have plugs.
The only way to drain the old ATF is to take out the whole pot.
Before you do it, put a big catch plate under the drive plate.
Then, start loosening the bolts that connect the pan to the transmission.
Get ready: Once you release the Pan Bolt, the fluid will leak out on the edge.
Don\'t remove all the bolts as you will have a pot of spilled oil that will most likely make a mess.
Instead, remove the bolts from all sides except one side, tap the pan with a mallet, break the seal, tilt the pan away from you and let it turn on the side with a bolt.
The liquid should overflow the lower part of the pan and enter the catch pan.
Once most of the liquid is discharged, remove the other bolts and pans.
Pour any remaining liquid into the grip plate.
Then, in order to find out how much fluid is coming out of your transmission, transfer the discharged fluid to the empty liquid
A gallon milk jug
You\'re not looking for an accurate measurement. -
Just a general idea, how much to replace.
Finally, remove the old drive filter, which uses the O-of the bolt, clip or filter-ring seal.
You can pull the seal down.
Connect the filter by twisting and pulling the part.
Do not worry about cleaning the filter.
It has finished its work and is ready for garbage.
However, the drive disk needs some cleaning before adding the new ATF.
This is the theme of the next section.
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