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How to Change a RV Water Pump

by:Lepu Seal     2020-04-27
In order to obtain the ideal performance in the pipeline system of the RV, the water pump maintenance is necessary.Check your water pump before heading for a new camping trip.If the pump is damaged and needs to be replaced with a new one, you will be able to complete the installation process in just a few steps.Teaching difficulties: moderately cut off water supply and power supply.Find your water tank and track the pipes that extend from the top of the tank to the water pump inlet connection.Remove the hose fixture on the inlet and outlet connections.Next, remove the bolts that hold the pump on the RV frame.Cut off the red and black wires on the RV power supply.These wires are connected to the two wires built into the pump.Before removing the wire, please note how the wire is paired so you can install the new pump correctly.Slide out of the pump and change into a new one.Bolts, wires and hoses removed before installation.Turn on water and power.Charlie GastonCharlie Gaston\'s Tips & warningssources article has written many teaching articles on topics ranging from business to communications and real estate planning.Galston holds a bachelor\'s degree in International Business and a master\'s degree in communications.She is fluent in Spanish and has extensive travel experience.
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