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how clean are your mechanical seals?

by:Lepu Seal     2020-02-17
For mechanical seals, cleanliness is a necessary condition for sealing to withstand extreme conditions --
In an extremely cold environment, in the hot sun, the environment in which the temperature suddenly changes, the location of toxic chemicals, and so on.
In response to these demanding applications, the sealing technology is constantly changing.
Produce new and improved seals so that the sealed products can last longer.
On the other hand, in addition to the quality of the seals, another thing the company needs to pay attention to is cleanliness.
Since seals prevent leakage of liquids and gases, they are often exposed to bubbles, suspended solids, hazardous chemicals and other substances harmful to the life of mechanical seals.
Now there are a lot of equipment and cleaning fluid flushing systems that keep seals clean and efficient.
The problem with these solutions is that operating costs can soarhigh.
It is not cheap to flush aquatic products with a large amount of liquid.
New concept of maintaining mechanical seals using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)-
System used to evaluate the effectiveness and circulation of coolant in a double seal-
New innovations have been developed to control the sealing environment.
These breakthrough innovations have led to significant improvements in seal maintenance.
As the sealing environment becomes more controllable, many seals begin to operate in a cleaner fluid environment without having to use expensive flushing systems.
This new technology includes the use of two contact sealing rings for handling liquids.
One of the Rings rotates with the shaft, while the second ring is installed in the non-Seal
Rotating parts.
The impeller end of the sealing chamber has an environment-sealed spiral groove bushing.
Together with the rotary sleeve sealed by Chesterton, this spiral groove bushing eliminates the solid particles in the chamber.
Therefore, when the seal is working, it eliminates unnecessary solid spots at the same time.
In the experimental phase of this new system, flushing fluid is used to observe the effectiveness of the cleaning device.
When flushing fluid is used, the liquid enters the machine through a nine-week-spaced inlet.
The fluid then cycles through the entire flow area and is then discharged through the circular outlet of the system.
The flushing fluid and solid particles are then discharged through the circular outlet into the flow located behind the impeller.
The key to controlling fluid leakage in industrial machines (such as mixers and centrifugal pumps) with mechanical seals is to isolate the rotating shaft and its casing with seals.
Although the mechanical seal design is simple, it plays a huge role in industrial applications.
They even brought engineering challenges to designers.
On the other hand, in order to ensure that the mechanical seal remains fully operational, its key components must be protected from heat, friction and other external components that will accelerate deterioration.
The sensitivity of the seal to damage is exacerbated by the thermal fluid environment in which it operates.
Industry experts have found from experience that mechanical seals can provide more stable performance in cooler environments.
In addition, wear is reduced.
However, mechanical seals must absolutely withstand harsh extreme conditions.
Combination at the top-
High quality materials and efficient cleaning systems should allow mechanical seals to operate at the best level.
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