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by:Lepu Seal     2020-10-03

Both 3M fashions are compatible with 3M-brand filter cartridges out there in varied NIOSH scores corresponding to N95 or P100. We additionally disqualified the Debrief Me material masks, as they too lack NIOSH approval.

This masks comes able to put on with replaceable P100 filters, but it works solely with those particular filters. We choose the flexibility of the Rugged Comfort Quick Latch, as well as other 3M and Honeywell masks we considered, which allow you to join a range of protecting filters and cartridges. The 3M Medium Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator 7502/37082 is structurally similar to the Rugged Comfort Quick Latch however lacks the “fast latch” mechanism that our testers discovered helpful.

It also fit much less securely and comfortably than the Rugged Comfort Quick Latch or the SPR457 Elipse. Members of our panel additionally indicated that the Honeywell North M Half Mask Respirator provided a less safe fit than the Rugged Comfort Quick Latch and felt more cheaply made.

Like 3M’s masks, Honeywell’s masks have “bayonet” connectors, however the Honeywell models we tested work only with 7700-collection adaptable filters and cartridges. Testers gave the GVS SPR457 Elipse P100 Half Mask Respirator the highest cumulative score for ease of use, consolation, and development quality of all the masks we examined. However, its straps felt less secure than these on the Rugged Comfort Quick Latch, and at this writing the SPR457 Elipse is more durable to seek out on-line.

We hope to test each firms’ masks in the future, ought to their approval status change. A couple of testers discovered that this respirator secured too tightly in opposition to their faces and pulled their hair.

One tester noted that this mannequin worked with their glasses however pushed their eyewear “a little” upward. We advocate the Rugged Comfort Quick Latch respirator because it has a simpler setup, is more snug to wear, and is extra structurally sound than the opposite half-facepiece respirators we tested.

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