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Mechanical Seal Barrier Fluids Guide

by:Lepu Seal     2020-08-13

The function of the springs is to hold the seal shut when the pump is stopped. In the case of the many less expensive seals the spring is also used to drive the rotating head of the seal.

These seals should be fitted with the correct coil spring for the rotation of the shaft. The main cause of failure of this kind of seal is a broken drive spring.

This is due to the usage of 316 SS chrome steel as the coil materials. The spring has to keep up the drive of the seal head and to flex with the seal head because it rotates.

Any mis-alignment in the stationary face will cause the seal head to flex twice in each rotation. Stainless steel suffers from chloride stress corrosion therefore as the spring is underneath fixed stress and probably exposed to chlorides, cracking will happen in the spring, main to complete failure. Valmet mechanical seals provide optimal sealing for elevated availability and lowered upkeep. All seals within the SealMax family are optimized for every utility. As a small and impartial manufacturer of mechanical seals, DEPAC has chosen to take a different route.

We replaced broken Tungsten seat & re-machined & polished all steel components on o’ring sealing surfaces. Seal is again in service & has been on-line for 18 months with no leaks. Metcar manufactures the primary rings or carbon/graphite wear faces utilized in a lot of right now’s most refined and dependable mechanical seals for industrial, aerospace, and navy purposes.

The single drive spring seal is a variant of the rubber bellows seal. The rubber bellows allows the seal head to flex and to become vulcanized to the shaft producing the shaft seal required. It should not be used on abrasive water service as the abrasives will wear the bellows inflicting failure. The seal body is sprung by either a metal or rubber bellows, a collection of small springs, or by a single coil spring.

The primary innovation drivers for us are process security and market transparency. The mechanical seals from DEPAC are costlier to purchase than typical seals. If one considers the complete life cycle of a unit, nevertheless, our customers save money and a complete lot of bother. Robco put in stiffer springs to get a suitable seal face load that could deal with the process stress.

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