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by:Lepu Seal     2020-08-17

The working of the stop leak additive for AC refrigerant is different from normal cease leak additive. The product leak out of the system and after being contacted with air, they tend to kind a scab for the hole.

Sodium Silicate works great as a stop leak additive because it forms a permanent seal. In a head gasket sealer product, Sodium Silicate is often combined with metallic fillers particles. The sodium silicate may be used along side an inert bulking agent, similar to a cellulosic material. When these particles circulate in excessive speed near the leak, the stress from the cooling system forces the particles to fit contained in the gap.

If the opening is larger than pinhole measurement, no cease leak additive goes to work. In that case, you should get it professionally checked and repaired. You can examine the internet to find out which all corporations sell cease leak additive for refrigerant.

Sodium Silicate also called Liquid gas equally rotates contained in the cooling system. As it circulates, sodium silicate reaches the hole current within the hot portion of the engine. Due to the heat, the particles tend to soften and type a plug or the gap. These work as a permanent seal when the particles re-melt and attain up to 1,490 degrees Fahrenheit.

Though this is the general procedure, of its’ working, this kind of cease leak products creates some other issues. Apart from the common cease leak additive, there are specific stop leak products that are meant to be used for refrigerant. Head gasket leaks are always on strain and so they don’t end up like a plugging type of repair. A head gasket sealer is usually made of Sodium Silicate and soon it hardens when it contacts with excessive-strain heat. It should be famous that a head gasket can even lead from low-pressure areas like the coolant.

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