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good forklift hydraulic parts give your truck muscle

by:Lepu Seal     2019-10-23
Your forklift needs power to move the mast up and down and the hydraulic parts of the forklift that provide muscle.
If the engine is the heart of the forklift, the hydraulic fluid is its blood.
The hydraulic cylinder is connected to the mast and moves it up and down according to the pressure in the cylinder.
The hydraulic pump brings the hydraulic fluid into the bottom of the cylinder containing the piston.
The fluid forces the piston in the cylinder to move up or down or back and forth.
When the tilting cylinder makes the fork tilt horizontally when necessary, the lifting cylinder controls the lifting mechanism.
The main components of the hydraulic cylinder are the cylinder, the bottom and cover of the cylinder, the cylinder head, the piston and the piston, and the various O-
Rings and seals, including rings and seals that remove dirt from the piston when the piston moves back to the cylinder.
The two types of hydraulic cylinders are the tie rod cylinder and the welding body cylinder.
The welding body cylinder is narrow and short than the tie rod variety.
As a result, most forklifts and other mobile devices prefer welding body hydraulic cylinders.
Most brands such as Clark, hayster or Toyota trucks have similar hydraulic cylinder trouble shooting and inspection.
This process of the Yale forklift is a good example: with a clean cloth, you should wipe the rod first and then lift the fork.
If there is a thin layer of oil on the rod, the seal may wear and need to be replaced.
Next, check the hydraulic level with a visual or dip stick.
If it is not filled, the air will enter the cylinder, damaging the SEALs inside and causing the forks to beat as they move.
If the fork continues to beat even if the hydraulic fluid is full, the hydraulic fluid pump may be blocked or damaged.
Wipe the hose and line.
Move the fork several times to check for leaks in the hose itself or in the connection.
Oil leakage from the hydraulic system is the main symptom of damage, indicating that it is time to replace the forklift hydraulic parts.
Generally speaking, oil leakage will lead to insufficient oil and deterioration of parts.
Check whether there is a leak in the hydraulic control valve.
Incorrect hydraulic pressure can cause leakage, damage the seal and reduce the lifting capacity of the truck.
In the lifting cylinder, leakage will cause load drift problems and pollute the operating environment.
The leakage of the inclined cylinder will cause the mast to move out of control.
When a blocked hydraulic filter interferes with a good flow of oil and increases the system pressure of the truck, the hydraulic hose is damaged by a bent pulley.
The defective hydraulic cylinder in the steering system can cause steering loss and accelerate the wear and tear of the hydraulic components.
Hydraulic fluid is one of the most popular ways to provide muscle low pressure input.
The correct maintenance of the forklift hydraulic parts will ensure that you have all the power you need at all times.
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