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gland packing vs mechanical seals

by:Lepu Seal     2020-02-17
Which seal is better-
Gland filler or mechanical seal?
Shaft seals and mechanical seals are important components of the shaft and pump.
Countless engineering applications rely on these devices to work properly.
While the functionality of the seals and packages is similar, the use of both functions depends on the budget, personal preferences, and more importantly on the application requirements.
For example, rotary pumps work best with seals because they are able to collect, process and filter liquid leaks.
On the other hand, in some applications, packaging is a more appropriate option, such as a corrosive setting around it, which happens to cause the seal to deteriorate faster.
If so, the packaging will last longer.
There are several other advantages and disadvantages of using seals or packaging.
Below is a brief comparison of the gland filler and the mechanical seal. Gland Packing -
Can it finish the work?
The gland filler is also called the conventional shaft seal.
Many engineers do not recommend packaging for many applications due to maintenance requirements and costs.
Sealing the liquid or gas is also not as effective as the packaging is prone to occasional leakage.
You need to adjust regularly to seal welllubricated.
There are also problems with abrasive liquids that cause corrosion.
This usually affects the life of the capping package, thus forcing you to spend more money on replacement and repair.
On the bright side, there is a situation where the packaging is sealed.
For example, they are good at handling corrosive liquids.
The package gets another point due to its performance in case of leakage, as it is easy to adjust to keep the pump fully functional.
You can\'t do this with a seal because you have to stop the pump from using it.
Applications involving ball valves, gates, shut-off valves and valve cocks are also good for packaging, as the SEALs need to be rotated to seal anything.
It is for this reason that the gland filler is integrated into the reciprocating pump.
Mechanical Seal-
What makes them better?
When it comes to popularity, the SEALs won.
They are implemented in more applications, in part because they hardly cause a leak problem and are actually maintained for free.
The power-consuming pastes may also tend to use the seals more, as their energy consumption is quite low.
Due to the small number of leaks, the seals are barely interrupted, saving time and effort.
Other factors of sealing durability are the duration of the sealing operation, the ambient temperature and the pumped liquid.
Pressure and temperature can cause gradual damage to seals and fillers, especially mechanical seals.
If the seal is the choice of sealing equipment, keep in mind that accidental dry operation may worsen the seal more quickly.
The price of the seals may also discourage you as they are much more expensive than the packaging.
Which one to choose at the end of the day, the best way to solve this problem is to choose the sealing equipment that can do the work with little trouble.
Whether you choose a capping package or a mechanical seal, make an informed decision so that you can avoid obstacles in your budget and productivity.
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