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Gas film mechanical seal failure and measures

by:Lepu Seal     2020-03-31
The trouble and measures of mechanical seals on the east sheng seal tell you what is the gas film mechanical seal failure and measures. Mainly divided into two parts to simple introduce about the gas film mechanical seal failure problems and measures of the problems, the first part is about the mechanical seal installation not hair, the problem of sealing pressure in low speed running, the second part is about the seals, replace the seal and maintenance. A mechanical seal of the face, the gas film rupture failure problem: in the process of the kettle mechanical seal gas membrane operation, although the breakage possibility will be small seal face, but cannot be completely ruled out the possibility of this situation was caused when the seal is not normal operation. , if the seal in the process of medium side fracture of kettle with pressure rise significantly. Kettle, therefore, in the design of gas membrane mechanical seal and must be considered when the city's infrastructure that oh. Second, how to replace or repair the gas film mechanical seal problem: kettle gas membrane mechanical seal container type device, USES mostly trained assembler is easily replaced. As a result of the seal face particularity and slot type design, to add seal end rotator is impossible. So the user should be in the standby replacement seal component or a set of sealing device. Three, improper installation of the gas film mechanical sealing ring: when the gas film mechanical seal has a one-way grooves of the kettle gas membrane mechanical seal only when a rotation movement. In the design and installation should pay attention to the direction of rotation. If kettle gas membrane mechanical seal rotating direction and main shaft on the contrary, in a short period of time, please allow; So, for a long time can lead to seal contact dry running, compounded end surface wear. But, under the condition of low speed running state caused by seal face reality rupture failure probability is not high. Four, sealing ring under low pressure operation: do not block the gas supply low-speed mechanical operation of the gas film seal, in trent this will be a local contact. If insufficient gas supply will occur this kind of situation, and gas pressure. Hard and soft sealing material combination sealing operation with dry running seal are similar, with wear. If you use a hard seal material, seal face of plain whole is a matter of time. Even so, the seals is not easy to nature damage.
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