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factors to consider when choosing mechanical seals

by:Lepu Seal     2020-01-14
Engineering involving heavy machinery and equipment, in this process, usually involves mechanical sealing.
It is important that you take some time to determine which seals to use, as these are essential to ensure your machine works properly.
There are several factors you need to consider before choosing which seal, capping package or gasket type to use.
Two more important considerations include the selection of sealing types and materials.
Types of mechanical seals these are popular tools because they can be used in a variety of situations where leakage cannot occur.
There are several types you can choose from.
The choice depends entirely on the nature of the project you are working on.
In simple engineering and installation, the type commonly used is the balance seal.
This type is very easy to install and requires little maintenance when used.
Hydraulic balance seals can also be used in various situations, as they work properly even in machines that use stronger pressure and vacuum.
For machines with disconnected and misplaced parts, a fixed type is usually used to make them work properly.
When your packing box is not fully aligned with the axis of rotation it is connected to, a fixed seal can also be used.
If you are working on a project that works in a special environment, the metal bellows type is available.
These seals are perfect if your environment is very hot or cold.
Seals with metal bellows ensure the best performance of the machine, although the settings are not friendly.
Metal seals may not be suitable for your use when handling solvents and chemicals.
When some solvents come into contact with the metal, they may not react too positively.
There are other types of seals made of lighter materials, such as Teflon and plastic, which can replace metal seals.
Your mechanical sealing material-
Throughout the selection of mechanical seals, it is also important to consider one of the important matters of sealing materials.
Since most seals are made of metal, it is advantageous to learn some basic knowledge about these seal types.
Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that nothing through your device is corrosive.
If your seal does not handle corrosive substances, it may cause a leak, which can pose a risk to your personnel.
The sealing parts that are usually in contact with the internal solvent are the pump shell, the impeller, the stuffing box and the sleeve.
Another thing you need to check is the carbon side of the seal.
When the sealing surface of the seal is completely worn out, the life of the seal usually ends.
Keep in mind that the elasticity of its carbon surface varies by grade.
Among them, the most commonly used is the seal with diamond sand.
In addition, the sic of the reaction connection is also a popular choice.
Rubber and O-
The ring is something else you need to pay attention to when you choose it.
You should also note that different mechanical seals have temperature and pressure limits when in use.
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