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Factors affecting seal

by:Lepu Seal     2020-04-04
( 1) Choose the appropriate packing material and hydraulic oil, as well as to the working temperature of adaptability, compatibility of oil. ( 2) And seal the geometry precision of relative sliding parts ( Concentricity) High material ( Such as the hard chrome plating) The surface roughness and a finer can prolong service life. (1) used for hydraulic pump, motor shaft oil seal not only requires the sliding surface roughness in Ra is 0. Within 25 m, but also for hard chromium plating on the surface, the specific need according to the specific situation when using the appropriate adjustment of oil seal lip radial force of spring, the elastic moderation, even when installation and installed with a sleeve or shims to protect the sealing ring, lest his lips, twisting, twisted, sliding out in spring. (2) the hydraulic cylinder inner surface rolling processing methods, not only to improve the surface roughness, and make its surface has carried on the cold work hardening treatment, is helpful to extend the service life of sealing ring. In addition, the use of pressure, the length of sliding surface and the kind of life also has very big effect. Therefore, should according to these conditions determine the missile d etection of time. (3) requires sealing surface lubrication, prevent the contamination of shooting in good status. Use to clean level of the oil and the correct installation method, is also the necessary conditions.
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