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Engineering mechanical seal failure reasons of seal

by:Lepu Seal     2020-03-29
1. Device static leakage test. After engineering mechanical seal device debugging good, usually try to be quiet, leakage quantity survey. Such as leakage quantity is smaller, more for dynamic or static ring ring in doubt; Leakage quantity is large, then indicate the dynamic and static ring conflict between vice in doubt. Leaked from began investigating, judging leakage area, on the basis of manual turning again, if the amount of leakage is static, ring sealing ring has no obvious change in doubt; Such as turning the leakage quantity has obvious change can be concluded that is dynamic and static ring conflict vice in doubt; The axial eruptions such as leakage of medium, the ring sealing ring is in doubt, leakage of medium to nearby eruption or leak from the water cooling hole, is more static seal failure. In addition, the leakage channels can also exist together, but usually have differences between primary and secondary, only need to survey, detailed understanding of the layout, will be able to correct. 2. The test of leakage when working. Pumps with mechanical seal after static test, homework had a high speed rotating centrifugal force, will contain medium leakage. Therefore, test operations between cleaning shaft mechanical seal leakage and end cover seal failure, mostly because of dynamic and static ring conflict is formed by damage. Cause conflict of seal failure factors mainly include: operation, because of evacuation, cavitation, pressure-out abnormal appearances, such as the large axial force, the dynamic and static ring contact surface separation; Amount is too large, the device when the mechanical seal squeeze caused conflict vice face severe wear and scratches; Ring sealing ring too loose or too tight, spring can't adjust the amount of axial floating ring; Static ring ring too loose, when axial floating ring, quiet ring from static ring; Working medium granular material, work in conflict, detection moving and static ring sealing face; Plan selection, seal face pressure is low or sealing material cold sex is bigger. The surface during the test operations often presents the mechanical seal factory, sometimes can be adjusted properly such as the static ring be eliminated, but most demand from scratch, dismantling, replace the seal. Lose light synovial membrane to form two seal face failure: because of the existence of end face seal load, in seal chamber without liquid pump and attack dried conflict; Liquid medium under full steam pressure, make face film flash, loss of smooth; Such as medium for easy volatile commodity, in the present mechanical seal cooling system scale or jams, because face conflicts and rotating components heat mixing liquid attacks and make the medium full steam pressure.
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