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elegant delivery solution for reagents in poc diagnostics.

by:Lepu Seal     2020-02-16
Point-sustained growthof care (POC)
In vitro diagnosis (TVD)
Technical improvements and rapid test results provide recognition of the benefits of economic and patient outcomes to support the test.
Fragile sealing technology offers elegance and cost
Effective solution for dispensing deviceof-
Reagents Using POC medical diagnostic equipment.
Fragile sealing tank uses differential welding strength designed to fail at a specific pressure, allowing the unit-of-
Use measurements that are accurately transmitted to the target well or reaction zone.
By incorporating fragile sealing technology into on-
Plate reagent blisters for POC equipment, equipment manufacturers are able to better control performance variability, reduce overall manufacturing and disposal costs, and simplify the user experience.
More and more POC equipment manufacturers are incorporating burst and fragile sealing reagent blister pools into the horizontal flow and laboratoryon-a-
Chip/card formats as they are easy to integrate and reliably allocate units-of-
The precise measurement of the volume of the reagent to the target area will replace the technician\'s use of traditional droppers and bottled reagents to deliver about the volume to the capture area, thus eliminating the chance of sampling errors.
Fragile sealing manufacturers must take into account the specific requirements of each custom blister box and design a blister solution that takes into account material compatibility, burst properties, the amount of reagents delivered and the length of time
Storage requirements.
There are several different types of materials that can be used for reagent blisters and can usually be described as used for cold-and thermo-
Molded packaging.
These materials have various thickness and sealing strength and can be used for piercing or bursting/squeezing
Through, peel-able and mixed peel-push barriers.
Depending on the shape factor and release requirements, a wide variety of materials can be processed to create a \"fragile\" blister sealing pool with different welding strength, designed and designed to be permanent or broken, under specific pressure, twist or Yield or fail when touching the drive.
These welding strength on the Reservoir seal is a function of material performance and adopts a unique welding process, a combination of pressure, temperature and time, to meet the sealing specifications.
Understanding of the properties and processing of these special materials allows blister manufacturers to \"dial\"
Specific outbreak intensity required to \"activate--
Although not fragile enough due to day-to-day handling, assembly or transport activities, it cannot be broken prematurely.
To demonstrate this flexibility, a single blister design was created using a commonly used foil material group and then sealed using different processing parameters.
The sealed blister is activated and the force required to release the contents is measured (Chart).
This treatment control of seal strength allows medical device manufacturers to have the confidence to release their contents under the conditions defined and controlled.
Additional level of seal strength (lbf-pounds force)
Different material sets and processing conditions can be used to develop and optimize, thereby expanding the selectivity of the activation range of blisters.
Taking into account the cost factor, there is a significant reduction in the entire manufacturing and terminal
By integrating fragile sealed reagent blisters into POC equipment, the user cost is high.
* It reduces the number and cost of individual bottle and applicator, as well as the associated costs of filling, packaging and labeling.
* The reagent blister stores and provides the right amount of reagents required for the determination, so there is no need for excessive reagents.
The liquid volume of a single-dose reagent can vary from 30 pi to 5,000 pi.
* The blister shape factor is compatible with various reagents, powders, beads, liquids and solvents, thus reducing the amount of material required for the test kit.
* Large blister card with multiple reagents (multiplexing)
Can be used to reduce the number of overall components and assembly steps.
* There can be many reagents-
Match on the device to eliminate potential confusion and misuse of the end user.
* The reservoir is lightweight and disposable components when integrated into the device, reducing waste.
* The material used has a low steam barrier transfer rate, thus improving stability and a longer shelf life (>2 years)
In some cases, the demand and cost of desiccant are eliminated.
In addition, blisters are easy to customize and integrate into many existing platforms;
This helps manufacturers to create new products without drastic changes in their product lines.
Burst pressure and pin
The release of the reagent from the point in the blister box can be designed into a blister shape for manual or mechanical drive.
Precise filling and dispensing by design-
Single or multiple formats--
Allows consistent and reproducible testing.
Conclusion The application of fragile sealing technology in reagent blisters can better control the unitof-
The release of the test reagent is measured compared to the current drip bottle format and provides better performance properties and practical significance.
These features bring benefits to POC equipment manufacturers by reducing manufacturing and packaging costs, improving reagent stability, and providing a smaller one-time footprint, providing simple, accurate and accurate fluid transfer.
In turn, by integrating fragile sealing technology into on-
POC testing can reduce costs and reduce timeto-
Reliability and stability are improved.
Fragile sealing reagent blisters show a prospect of making POC equipment more affordable and reproducible, and the patient\'s results are improved, with high confidence in the test results.
For more information, please visit www. j-pacmedical. com. By Blake S. Perkins, Exec.
J-director of business development for diagnosis
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