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dual swiveling pole mounted garden hose reels

by:Lepu Seal     2019-11-06
You want two hoses?
You don\'t want to hole in your house?
You also want the maximum flexibility when pulling the hose out (
Roll them back)
From which direction?
You must be a very demanding person.
You should not deny these pleasures.
If you have some hand skills then you can also implement the zanadu of the hose reel setup I have in the backyard.
I had this dream before the instructures.
I bought two of the best plastic hose reels I can find and modified them to get all the work done above, they worked for about 10 years or so, until the plastic does all the sun. . .
It degraded and failed.
I need to buy some new hose reel.
After some searching, I purchased two Emms True Temper 239uza decorative bronze wall hanging hose reel from Amazon for $90.
Free shipping per person.
I would like 703 free stainless steel garden hose reel hanger
I have free shipping on Ebay for $229 but I can\'t accept this price.
The free number is easier to install than the Ames number because it has an mounting plate on the back.
Looks cool too. But I digress.
You may not have all the tools I put this together, but you can improvise and do something different to get there.
Don\'t be afraid.
After catching the hose for the first time, you want to go in any direction in the yard, the hose reel is easy to rotate, follow you and let the hose stick out like a kite then know why you are like this
Rolling the hose back with the same spin ability will give you real access to hosial zen. MATERIALS1)
2 Wall hose reel (
You can install 1, 2, 3 or even 4 hose reels on 1 Rod if you want)2)1 Metal pole (
I used the old galvanized chain section fence pipe 1 3/8 \"OD)3)
1 Top bar swivel bushing Mount 2 lag screws.
This sleeve bracket is a short steel pipe welded with a flat piece of steel at one end and two holes drilled at both ends to screw it to the lower side on the eve of the House (wood). The bushing (pipe)
OD should be easy to install (
But not too loose.
Inside the ID of the metal bar. 4)
Install 2 cement bolts and 1 Bottom bar rotary sleeve.
This part is exactly the same as the top bar rotating buse. 5)4 U-
Bolt pipe clamp size for pipeline OD (
Again my case = 1 3/8 \")
16 extra nuts6)
16 gasket sizes for pipe clamp 7)1 -
A piece of 2 \"X 0.
062 \"thick X 72\" long aluminum angle/cut into 4 17 \"long pieces 8)8 1/4-
20X3/4 \"long bolts, each nut and two washers. (
I use aluminum Rivit nuts)9)
2 Stop the collar 1 3/8 \"ID gap and set it through the pipe with Allen screws.
These parts set the final height of each hose reel and also the bearing surface of the hose reel (
Bottom hose clamp)swivel upon.
For each hose reel you want to install, you need a retaining ring.
I used scrap stainless steel collars on some old mechanical seals. 10)
I use Di have more tools than regular bears, so I\'m going to list the ones I actually use.
Don\'t be discouraged by this list, because again, the work can be done with some basic tools, only manual tools and some creative backyard engineering, in my opinion. 1)Welder -
The top and bottom of the welding rod rotate the mounting sleeve. 2)Drill Press -
Almost all the holes can be drilled. 3)
Cordless electric drill
Used to drill the top and bottom bar rotary sleeve mounting holes into the concrete sidewalk at the bottom and below the eve of the house.
Also used to tighten the nut quickly when possible. 4)Band saw -
Cutting aluminum corners, mounting rods, rotating mounting bushing parts of rods. 5)Hand tools -
Open wrench, socket, wrench, crescent wrench. 6)Lubricants -
Meaningful synthetic oils and oils. 7)
Pop nail gun (qty 4)1/8\" dia.
X 1/2 long rivets (
Harden the top angle). 8)
Rivet screw gun (qty 8)1/4\"-
20 aluminum nut rivets (
I used it because I wanted to try it.
You can easily omit these and use the regular 1/4 \"-
20 nuts and washers listed in the material list). 9)
Universal drill bits of all sizes. 10)
1 masonry drill, drill two holes on the sidewalk, install the bottom bar to rotate the mounting bushing.
In my case, the best place to place the hose reel Mount bar is in the outside corner of the house, where I have enough eve suspension and cement vertically aligned to achieve what I want
Installing the pole around the corner will give you the maximum rotation and utility of this setting.
If you don\'t have the same settings as I used your noggin, get the same results in different ways with different installation techniques.
Keep in mind that in this case, I will install the new reels on the poles that were previously installed so that I will not have the photos from more than 10 years ago.
You can see what I \'ve done in the past from the photos, and I\'ll try to reach out to others while resisting all the pun that is flooding my brain.
Like Aretha Franklin said, \"you \'d better think about it!
\"Where is the faucet that you will connect to the hose reel?
Take a look at the picture and imagine how far you want the hose reel to rotate in each direction and think that you have a fixed hose screwed to the left side of each hose reel and the hose wound up with the handle also protruding from the right side.
My pole is centered 7 \"from the corner of my house \"(brick).
This works fine for me, but you have to go out more if you want a 360 degree rotation (which is OK! ).
Once you have determined the position, check again and you will get the freedom you want from the spinning hose reel.
If you are satisfied with the position you have chosen, then it is time to get on the pole. 1)
Mark the center of the top rotating bushing bracket.
The center is the same as the pole itself.
Place the bushing center line on this mark and mark the center of the two holes that need to be drilled for the lag bolt.
Drill the hole of the lag bolt and install the top bushing by screwing in two lag bolts. 2)
Hammer with lead (
Or rope with weight)
Keep the srting on the center line of the top bushing and mark it in contact with the concrete of the bottom rotating bushing or the position of the mounting surface.
Place the bottom bushing center line on this mark and mark the center of the two holes that need to be drilled for the masonry Bolt.
Drill holes for masonry bolts. 3)
Now is the pole installation time.
Measure the length between the top bushing plane and the concrete surface below.
Minus the thickness of the bottom bushing flat strip surface 3/16 \".
Cut the metal mounting bar to the corresponding size.
Your pole position is ready to rise. 4)
Take some grease (
I use synthetic chassis grease)
And wipe it heavily on top and bottom bushing OD and metal mounting rod top and bottom ID. 5)
Now is the time to slide the two stop loops onto the rod and fix the Allen screws in the lower ring in the middle of the rod to keep it in place. 6)
Take the metal mounting rod and insert the bottom rotary bushing into the bottom of the rod.
Take it with your hand, then take the pole and slide it into the bushing at the top. 7)
Align the bottom bushing with the two holes you drill into the concrete and install the bottom bushing by screwing the two masonry bolts into the concrete. 8)
Your pole position has risen! 9)
I decided to spray my pole black.
It looks better than galvanized and chicken really digging black bars.
If you want a black pole, now is a good time to spray.
I covered the stainless steel stop with painter tape. 1)
Pick up one of your hose reels and hold it in the air to decide the highest level you want so you (and family)can reach it (Or did not arrive).
Mark the bottom of the top hose reel by marking on the rod.
This is where your ring will be set. 2)
Hold your trusted Allen wrench in your hand, slide the Top Gear onto your mark and secure the Allen screws.
U-shape at the bottom of hose reel
The Bolt will rotate on the stop ring. 3)
I suggest that you complete all the steps required to install the top reel on the rod before deciding the height of the bottom reel, including loading the garden hose on the rod.
Note: You can set and change the hose reel height at any time.
The above process will make it easier to set the top or the highest one based on. 1)
U-shaped mountain 2
Bolts above the top stop and 2 Bolts above the bottom stop.
Later you will bolt each hose reel to a pair of U-Bolts. 2)Tighten the U-
Bolt nut sufficient to deform the plane U shape
Bolt plates around the diameter of the metal rod and then back enough to allow U-
Position and rotate the bolt on the rod by hand.
Don\'t let them loose because a little friction is good.
When the hose reel bolts are connected, they need to be able to rotate and lift to guide into the cross support of the hose reel. 3)
Once you have U-
Then fix the bolt on the extra nut on each U-Bolt stud (8 total)
Tighten them like you lock the nuts.
The second \"lock nut\" nut needs to be thick enough so that when the gasket is placed on the outside of the second nut, the outer plane of the gasket exists on the outside of the diameter of the metal rod.
Look at these pictures and you will understand.
If this is not the case, then the cross support of the hose reel will hit the deformed U-
The bolt plate is above 2. 1)
4 pieces are cut with 2x2 aluminum corners.
The hose reel I bought each had a 17 \"length.
Round the sharp edges and corners. 2)
Arrange the top cross support so you can track the top 2 mounting holes of the hose reel directly at the angle.
Keep it stable before you let it go in order to mark two holes (
I use the tip of a long screw).
While keeping the angle stable, make a longitudinal mark on the inside/lower side of the angle at which the hose reel shelf is located at the bottom.
You need to make sure your two holes
The bolt is attached far enough below this line to ensure that you can install washers and screws on the NUT to connect the top cross support to the top U-Bolt. 3)
Arrange the bottom cross support so you can track the bottom 2 mounting holes of the hose reel directly at the angle.
Again, keep it stable before you let it go in order to mark the two holes. 4)
Now measure the center of each brace that will face one side of the bar and mark it. 5)
Now Measure U.
The center-to-center distance of Bolt, divided by 2, and marked this distance on both sides in 4 above.
These two marks will be the center of each drill (2)
This will be done to allow cross support to be installed to U-Bolt. 6)
Now drill all the holes marked 2, 3, 4 and 5 above.
Burrs the holes as needed.
Try it out for everything before you go ahead. 7)
When the brace was installed, the size of the aluminum angle I chose to use limited the use of the hose reel top shelf function, and I decided to re-code the distance of the top support of some shelf areas by cutting a section.
I do it with eyeballs.
The picture will tell you the details.
If you need to do so, do it now.
Burrs when necessary. 8)
If a bolt with a normal nut is used (
Replace rivit nut)
You can skip this step.
If you want to use rivit nuts, install rivit nuts on the cross braces (two each)
As shown in the figure. 9)
It\'s time to paint everything black so it looks cool.
It looks cool to prioritize.
Please also see the picture for this step. 10)
After the paint is dry, you can now install the cross top and bottom cross support on each hose reel. 11)
I found that the top cross support prefers deflection than I do, because I made a cut to make better use of the top shelf of the hose reel, and decided to place two pop rivits to fix the deflection and hold it further on the hose reel.
Look at the picture.
This is good. 12)
If everything is done well, you now have two hose reel with a cross stand mounted on it ready to be bolted to U-Bolts. 1)
Take one of the hose reel installation (
Using washers and nuts)
Top cross of Peru upperU
The bolt you put in the top hose reel position.
Move on U-
Bolt up or down if necessary, cross the bottom support hole with the bottom U-
Bolt, then install the Bolton cross support to the lower U shape using washers and nutsBolt. See pictures.
Tip: once I know where you are
I greased that area with grease and the bolts would ride on the pole. 2)The bottom U-
The bolts on the hose reel should now have been successfully installed and are free to rotate from one side to the other without any difficulty.
If the rotation is not easy, you need to back off the nut in step 1 above and release to hold U-
Bolts on the rod. 3)
If not already installed, you will need to install the crank handle of the hose reel.
Now check the height of the upper hose reel by rotating the handle.
If it feels good, check with your wife, husband, child or anyone who may need to use a scientific genius work and make sure it works for them as well.
Remember that when you install the garden hose onto the hose, there will be a lot of effort to \"roll in\" the hose, so think of this when you check the height.
Use a reliable Allen wrench to adjust the height as needed and move the stop ring of the upper hose reel.
Move to 4 when everyone is happy. 4)
Repeat Step 1-
3. install the hose reel above. Plumb it Up!
If you\'re in so much trouble then at least put on all the clothes and buy yourself some good hoses and new hose washers.
The hose reel I bought had a good supply of hoses and washers.
The actual garden hoses I have used on the reels have been in use for more than ten years and they are the best I have ever had.
They are artisan black rubber hoses.
Even today, they still see the sun and are pressurized like new ones all the time.
The hose nozzle is the \"original Boneaire hose nozzle \".
They work very well and they are lifelong.
I applied grease on all my washers and threads and (
After a little progress)
I have achieved 100% leak free on all connections and have now been connected, pressurized and used for more than 90 days. Ah Yes. . .
It is indeed satisfactory.
It is time to use this modern convenience brought from the sweat on the forehead.
I hope this Instructable has helped you to some extent and I welcome any comments.
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