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don\'t use a needle valve to control your air cylinder speed!

by:Lepu Seal     2020-05-26
Many industrial machines that use compressed air as an energy source use cylinders or other pneumatic actuators to do the actual work.
When compressed air moves from high pressure to low pressure, it \"explodes\" because it returns to the atmosphere.
This means that when the air valve moves and the air flows to the cylinder, the cylinder piston and the cylinder rod move very fast.
The high speed cylinder rod may not be suitable for your application and you will want to reduce the speed and impact.
An easy way to control the cylinder speed is in the air line between the valve and the cylinder, installing the flow controller in the cylinder port itself, even in the exhaust port of the valve, although the latter is the most undesirable.
In the \"valve exhaust\" type flow control, the control device itself may be far enough from the cylinder to the point where the piston and Rod may have finished the entire stroke before the exhaust flow control begins --
Pressure the line to slow down the speed of the cylinder.
Depending on the distance from the cylinder to the flow control, the cylinder control reaction time is always negatively affected.
Some people choose needle valves to limit the flow of air in and out of the cylinder, thus reducing the speed of the cylinder.
The problem with using a needle valve to control the cylinder speed is that it will uniformly throttle the compressed air flow in both directions.
If you are using a larger cylinder, you can actually prevent the required smooth cylinder stroke by throttling the air into the cylinder.
When the air pressure accumulates in the cylinder, it will reach the point of overcoming the friction between the piston and the rod seal, and the piston will start to move.
When it moves, it increases the volume of air space inside the cylinder.
The piston moves towards one end of the cylinder, creating a larger area behind the cylinder than the front.
To ensure that the piston continues to move, this is an area where air must flow quickly.
If the air influx cannot keep up with the increasing cavity size, then the pressure to keep the piston moving will be insufficient and will stop.
The same is true for your piston rod and any tool you install at its end.
The rule of thumb to use flow control to reduce the stroke of the piston of the smooth cylinder is to throttle the exhaust only from the cylinder.
Air flowing into the cylinder port should not be reduced.
How is this done?
Use \"cylinder flow control \".
This is a device that does not look any different from the needle valve.
However, there is a \"needle bypass\" inside which allows the air to bypass the needle and throttle the air to achieve one-way full flow of the air.
The \"free flow\" of compressed air through the cylinder flow control allows the provision of full and no when the unit is installed in the correct direction
Combined impact air cylinder, however, when the valve has been changed, double
The action cylinder has been reversed and now the air coming out of the cylinder is throttled to the level required to reach the desired cylinder speed.
There will also be a second cylinder flow control on the other line, which is exactly the same as that.
Therefore, the air entering the cylinder ports at both ends of the cylinder provides a high level completely unimpeded
Force piston movement.
The piston tries to move quickly at full power, but because the flow control of the cylinder hinders the discharge of the air, the piston moves at full power, but at the desired speed.
Most cylinder flow control will have a schematic diagram on the side showing the flow path to make sure they are installed correctly.
Some cylinder flow controllers are equipped with sealed coated threads for screwing into the cylinder port, as well as \"instant\" type accessories that can quickly install the cylinder Air line, saving time and money.
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