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Correlation between seal ring and seal compressor

by:Lepu Seal     2022-08-09

In heel sealing equipment, seals are widely used. All kinds of sealing rings, O-shaped sealing ring is the most commonly used. O-shaped sealing ring has the characteristics of compact structure, simple manufacture, repeated disassembly and installation, good sealing effect and low cost. It is a kind of seal with high adaptability, so O Shaped seals are widely used in various mechanical equipment.

In vacuum equipment, the sealing performance of the O-ring is directly related to the safety and performance of the equipment. In static sealing, the compression of the O-ring generally comes from the bolt preload on the flange, but In some cases, a portion of the sealed cavity needs to be removed or installed during operation. Due to the limitation of space, the screw removal process cannot be carried out when loading or unloading. Therefore, in order to achieve the sealing performance of the cavity and the requirement of taking it out at any time, a corresponding sealing compactor is required.

Structure and principle of seal compactor:

1. Structure of the sealing presser: It is mainly composed of a cavity base, two pressing mechanisms, and a plug-in module of a sealing pressure plate.

2. The working principle of the sealing presser: the plug-in module of the sealing press plate is inserted into the gap between the cavity base and the press wheel of the press mechanism, and the shaft of the press mechanism is rotated to drive the press wheel to rotate, so that the elliptical shape of the press wheel is When the long axis side of the section turns to the sealing pressure plate, the pressing wheel will push the sealing pressure plate to compress the rubber sealing ring. In the same way, when the short axis of the elliptical section of the pinch wheel turns to the sealing platen, the pinch wheel will loosen the sealing platen, and the rubber sealing ring will also be released.

The combination of the above two can be applied to a special vacuum environment for sealing;
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