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corporation to press for ban on plastic bags

by:Lepu Seal     2019-11-11
Mangalore City Corporation will re-impose a fine on the use of thin plastic bags in accordance with the recent instructions of the Karnataka High Court.
Several plastic manufacturers in Mangalore questioned the order issued by the then deputy commissioner N. S.
On November 2012, Channappa Gowda banned the use of plastic handbags, plastic cups and plastic tables.
Judge A of the High Court believes that this issue needs to be considered in detail. S.
In an interim order, Bopanna noted that the regional authority \"… Only the petitioner or other such manufacturer or trader can be prevented from selling plastic products less than 40 microns.
\"The judge restricted the district administration from preventing the manufacture, sale and use of plastic products over 40 microns.
In an order dated January 15, Judge Bopanna said that fines imposed on certain manufacturers should be limited to plastic bags less than 40 microns.
The judge said that before the fine, the authorities need to determine the density by calibrating or measuring the plastic tote bag or other plastic products.
The proposal to ban the use of plastic bags is made by the district
Responsible for Minister C. T.
Ravi imposed a ban in his constituency, Chikmagalur.
After his announcement, then deputy commissioner N. S.
Channappa Gowda convened a meeting of delegates from civil organizations and plastic manufacturing units. Then Mr.
Gowda issued an order in November 2012 prohibiting the use of all types of plastic tote bags, plastic cups and plastic tables. A five-
A member group was formed to execute the order.
The group was authorized to charge a fine for Rs.
100. confiscation of materials such as plastic handbags.
City of Manglore company Commissioner
Harish Kumar said the government would demand a ban on the use of plastic in the High Court.
Under the interim order, the company will now insist on a fine for those who make and use thin bags and cups.
\"There are many institutions that use thin plastic bags,\" he said . \"
He added that the team will move around using instruments measuring the thickness of the tote bag.
Company environmental engineer Manjunath R.
The company will soon resume driving on thin plastic bags, Shetty said.
\"This action against violators will be more severe.
If we find users and manufacturers who used thin plastic covers last time and continue this practice, we will record it carefully . \"Shetty added.
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