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complete garage re-do part 1

by:Lepu Seal     2020-01-01
This project is the result of many years of dreams.
After saying \"whenever we have time, I want to have this or that in our garage\", the day is here.
The garage is an average size 2 car garage.
When we bought the house it looked great and the previous owner covered the floor with vinyl tiles (
Board pattern)
, Installed the air conditioner and included the garage door in the alarm system.
It\'s perfect for a while, but it\'s more of a form than a function, it looks beautiful, but there\'s no real way to organize and store even the most basic things.
I was surfing on the instructures pages one day and I saw it easy --Garage-Storage-and-
A substitute for Marcjoli.
This is the source of inspiration!
I printed the steps and kept the hard copy.
A few years have passed, and the garage has become more and more chaotic, reaching an unacceptable level, with no messy photos (
Not sure I will publish them if I have them).
One day we noticed some pieces of vinyl tiles on the driveway. . . what? ? ?
The floor starts to brake right below the car tire, which we think is due to the heat of the tire while driving.
The decision was accelerated.
The garage will be emptied, vinyl tiles will be removed from the floor and all the small shelves, cabinets, hooks and nails will be removed.
From that moment on, all we could think of was the garage, until then we did some good projects around the house, but not so big.
I use this project as an inspiration for others.
I realize this is \"instructures\", but at least the first part will not be a set of \"step-by-step\" instructions.
We did not track the exact number of each tool or material used, which was restarted
It is very basic to do.
Anyone who wants to come back
Just need enough to want it to do their garage.
Obviously you need to be handy on a variety of tools, but don\'t need to be an expert, just be careful and patient.
The direct part of the project began in March 2018, emptying the garage into the shed and guest rooms, but it actually started years ago.
Decide on the color of the walls painted, what materials are used on the floor, and what use the garage will have after the project is completed.
Can we afford our dreams?
Can we deal with the chaos for months at a time?
So far, this part has not been seriously hurt because we are fortunate that even if we follow some of the required tasks, it is difficult to have an inherent risk of physical injury. . .
Some of them are bound to have psychological pressure.
Don\'t blame us or anyone else, but to hurt your mind or body, you need to leave the garage like you do now for 100% risk-free.
There is no specific schedule for this project and it has not been completed yet.
I started to record it because I might forget half of it if I waited until it was finished.
But I am optimistic that there will be a final step to the garage inauguration party!
Before eliminating all the confusion, we try to anticipate as many problems as possible.
Although we believe we know what we want, more and more research has been done.
Try to collect ideas from around the DIY world.
The first thing I noticed was that people said you had to empty the garage, but their garage was never empty.
During the planning phase, I made ridiculous judgments about other people\'s projects, and I apologize for that now.
It\'s hard enough to get the job done, and when you add tasks that record it in a certain order, it can sometimes become very difficult.
Regardless of your mindset when looking at other people\'s projects, just keep reading them.
Even if you don\'t like what they do for any reason, they may describe the problems they have that apply to you, or, better yet, shorten the time on certain programs, money or extra white hair.
In any case, here is our advanced outline: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, tools and materials first, we take 80% of the garage items to the room that was supposed to be the guest room.
Then we put the wheels on the big tools that couldn\'t get to the room.
There are movable items on a daily basis, and they extend to the driveway to allow working space and return at the end of the day.
The actual removal of vinyl tiles is not terrible, but the glue left in the concrete is the nightmare of elimination.
There are a lot of videos on YouTube, glue remover, different scrap tools, most things will only do a little bit of removal, but not enough to call it completion.
Went to a well-known hardware store chain and rented a ground grinder.
Please be careful if you go this way, the YouTube video looks easy, I don\'t know if we have the wrong attachment or if there is a problem with the machine itself.
We followed T\'s instructions, but that thing caught my husband and threw him on the wall like a feather, a young and strong guy (
Younger and stronger than my husband and I)
An evil device that cannot be controlled
After doing more homework, we went to a dedicated equipment rental site and after testing the equipment in the store, we used a 200-pound machine to clean up all the glue in the concrete
I think that being so heavy is the key, the key to the hardware store may be to light it up for its motor, or there may be a secret technology we don\'t know to use it.
The picture shows the monster machine at the back of the Jeep.
Tools and materials may have different philosophies for the proper timing of painting, but even if we need to touch each wall, painting is spiritually worth it at this point.
After removing all the hooks, nails and different types of shelves, you will see the dirty big walls staring at you and doing nothing for your motives.
After painting the place looked great, even if the room was full of things in the garage, the friends or relatives who finally came that weekend had to sleep in the gap between the living room and the hallway.
In addition to being dirty all over the place, there are a lot of holes and spider webs and some suspicious shells in some corners.
The first thing we do is wash the walls with teaspoons and warm water.
Big sponge and gloves.
Apply with a round and then another round with clean warm water.
It feels like a waste of energy and time, but don\'t underestimate its value, look at the color of the water in the bucket after rinsing with a big sponge, this made me understand why this step would fill all the holes, tie the door with tape and the window frame, and go into town with a roller.
Hopefully the walls are flat and not beautiful textures, but the front owner obviously likes this texture.
Take the time to enjoy your walls as you imagine the next steps.
Think about the tools and materials the floor needs.
We have the tiles for a few months but have to get the glue and tools when installing.
Watched another YouTube video about the installation of vinyl tiles and collected all the items needed.
Tools and materials we may measure this area 3 to 4 times to find out what works best for your situation.
Remember, there is no square where you live, and the floor is no exception.
Measure the width through the entrance, middle
Way and back, same length.
Do a dry run and place rows 3, 4 or 5 to see what looks better.
Suppose the rule is that you start in the middle and go to the wall, but the perfect math only applies to the walls that are completely parallel, not the walls of our garage. DO NOT RUSH.
At this point, we are eager to see some results, and dry running can cause a little adrenaline. . .
Resist the urge to \"let\'s do\" and read the instructions on the glue again, if you \'ve seen 10 videos of how to do it, different manufacturers have different curing times, there are many ideas in your mind.
A cup of coffee or something. .
You need to know the exact time to wait for the glue.
The only way is to test a small part because even the cans don\'t know what the correct way is.
Your location is key, and I was close to the suggestion in South Florida weather in April.
After you have marked the beginning that suits you, decide which part to start first and now you are ready.
Glue shop-wait -
Place complete tiles
The tiles are then cut and placed on the edges.
It\'s very easy to cut vinyl tiles, but don\'t rush.
You score and bend for the clean edge, but if you bend evenly, it produces jagged results.
After all the vinyl tiles are in place, the floor looks good but is not fully finished yet.
I found the vinyl substrate in the local hardware store and it was easy to apply with liquid nails.
Now, you need to set a new threshold because the old one looks too lame to cover the new stuff, a piece of cake, a kit in the hardware store with instructions and glue inside.
Of course, we installed some devices on YouTube just in case.
Then, when you look at everything, the corner next to the garage door, you feel proud because it looks like it\'s done by professionals and you notice the sun underneath the door. . . what?
That means my AC is escaping that gap.
Not in our garage.
The rubber seals on the original door were dry rotten and twisted.
The old one was very simple, so we installed the new one in a hurry.
Instead of checking some videos on the installation, we made the mistake of overinstallingconfidence. . .
\"We got this\" is not much. . .
Things became difficult after sliding a few feet on the track.
Finally, my husband pushed and pushed, and I pulled the damn thing one-inch up until all our fingers were severely cramp.
After that, I saw some videos where people either soak things in warm soapy water to soften and make it smooth or just spray a lot of lubricants that everyone is convenient.
This is a lesson.
Don\'t underestimate the difficulty of any task.
If we haven\'t done so before we know the tools and materials, there are two options for insulation, solid board or fluffy material.
Watched a couple of videos of the two installation methods and we didn\'t choose fluffy as it was on sale.
The instructions in the kit were excellent and it took only one afternoon to complete the task.
Even before completing the entire door, the difference in heat transfer has been noted.
The garage door is facing north, but this is the summer in South Florida. There is no air conditioner, uncomfortable in the garage, with communication, no insulation, and the electricity bill will be higher than necessary.
Now is the time for real work to begin.
So far, we are just trying to create the right canvas for the out project.
Now we have clean walls, good floors and clear areas to figure out how to accomplish our goals.
Keep our inspiration unit easyGarage-Storage-and-
As the main design of the project, we worked out what tools would be available on the bench and how to adjust the design for the modelmaking station.
The corner will be the actual user location and the final height is similar to the drawing table, which will allow us to get the right chair from the local chair store (or amazon)
No need to enter \"how to make a tall comfortable chair\", the tape on the tile shows the proposed footprints on the floor, leaving room for the car.
The adhesive tape on the wall shows the level of the top counter, allowing the recessed area to accommodate the table and the Mitter saw.
We don\'t want to fill the garage with sawdust or any other material burrs, but if you need to cut an item or two quickly, we would like to have a level to do it without having to put a table outside, take an extension cord and move the saw out, Yadah yadah. . .
This means that you should be very careful when making and installing each module so that the final product can remain level all the time.
So the corner will be just a bench supported by the floor unit on the left and right: a small refrigerator, wet
Vac and future compressors for the small paint hum of the model manufacturing station.
The floor unit will have drawers of different sizes.
The module closest to the model station will have many shallow drawers (
No more than 2 \"depth)
Hold all the gadgets and small paint cans.
The second part is about to happen.
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