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Common mechanical seal cooling and flushing methods

by:Lepu Seal     2022-08-08

Common mechanical seal cooling and flushing methods The mechanical seal will generate a lot of friction heat due to the friction of the end face, which will increase the temperature of the friction pair ring. At the same time, if the temperature of the sealing medium itself is high, it will make the end face of the friction pair always run at a high temperature. In this case, if the flushing and cooling measures are not taken, it will make:

(1) Dry friction occurs due to the evaporation of the liquid film between the end faces;
(2) The auxiliary sealing ring made of rubber and plastic materials will age, crack and even fail;
(3) Accelerate the corrosive effect of sealing medium on mechanical sealing parts;
(4) Deformation of dynamic and static rings;
(5) Wear on the end face is aggravated;
(6) Serious leakage at the end face.

From this point of view, the purpose of flushing oil and cooling water for mechanical seals is to reduce the temperature during friction, ensure that there is a complete liquid film between the friction surfaces, reduce friction loss, reduce power consumption, and ensure that the liquid film does not Destroyed by high temperature vaporization. Therefore, the flushing and cooling measures of the mechanical seal are an essential and important link to ensure that the mechanical seal has good sealing performance and long service life.
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