Common forms of sealing and sealing method

by:Lepu     2021-01-21

common seal form and sealing method of sealing method 1. Try to reduce 2 set sealing parts. Jam and isolation of 3. Lead or into 4. May increase the mechanical seal leakage resistance. Add element 6 doing work in the channel. A variety of common form of sealing gasket seal seal a combination of methods, packing seal, mechanical seal, non-contact seal and note agent type forms of online leak sealing is a common seal. Packing seal should be regarded as one of the most common among them, it also package mechanical seals enclosed shape hard packing seal and soft packing seal, packing seal. Molding including our common packing seal o-ring, Y ring, oil seal and so on. Non-contact type seal including clearance seal and labyrinth seal, floating seal, dynamic seal and seal magnetic liquid sealing and totally enclosed.
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